Round 3 – Naps and Emergency Rooms and Where’s My Bubble.

I haven't been around much since the holidays. To be fair, I haven't been around much in real life, either. But since people are starting to ask, I thought I'd give an update (because honestly, I'm fucking tired and I don't respond to most calls or texts or messages with anything but "ok" right now).… Continue reading Round 3 – Naps and Emergency Rooms and Where’s My Bubble.

An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

So, it's easier to just put this into a blog post than repeat things over and over for peeps who don't know yet. I haven't been around much the past few weeks for writing or anything else (other than horror movies and related distractions) because I'm in the middle of a thing.It turns out, finding… Continue reading An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

It Must Be Wednesday – Yahoo Thinks I’m a Rich Frat Boy

Today's Spamalicious Hump Day offerings from Yahoo include eight offers of various sorts of encounter with chicks I don't know. I deleted two of them for offering explicit acts...not because I'm a prude: because I probably don't want people finding my blog as a search result for them. Sigh. Also, can I just say, Stiffler was 1999.… Continue reading It Must Be Wednesday – Yahoo Thinks I’m a Rich Frat Boy

Not The Theme I Was Looking For This Week

This isn't a real post. It's not even a Star Wars post. Mostly because I'm still not really up to writing a lot yet. But I did have a WTF moment, so: Yesterday I found a news headline warning Canadians NOT to try to shove the moose licking their cars, because 1000lb moose can be...fussy...about being… Continue reading Not The Theme I Was Looking For This Week

This post is nothing but random crap and makes no sense.

I think I need a do-over for the past couple of months.A mulligan.A reboot.I haven't written anything real since August. I haven't even really done any decent blog posts; my current journal has gathered more dust than ink lately; the book isn't done.The book isn't done.The motherfucking book isn't done. Sigh.I had every intention of… Continue reading This post is nothing but random crap and makes no sense.

Adventures in Depression Pissed Off-Ed-Ness

Ah depressive angry insomnia, hello. It's been a long time. You're unwelcome, but since you're here...I'd like to take this midnight opportunity to rant, if I may. In the past couple of weeks I've NOT punched at least three people delivering the same flippant message under various guises: the perky cheerleader type, the concerned counselor type,… Continue reading Adventures in Depression Pissed Off-Ed-Ness

I’m Not Even That Caffeinated Today.

I'm taking a break from the book to blog, because what's better for a writing break than...more writing? I don't know how to explain that it IS different. So, while my bloodthirsty eagle soars over the steppe and considers human snacks (in my head, people, in my head), here are some random items of note,… Continue reading I’m Not Even That Caffeinated Today.

Thor, Chewy, Beelzebub

There are no puppies in my house anymore. Thor is now 11, which is in his early 80's in German Shepherd years. Chewy is nearly 10, which is mid-80's in Great Pyrenees years. You'd think in their dotage they'd be less prone to random acts of asshattery, right? Oh no, definitely not. And so, things… Continue reading Thor, Chewy, Beelzebub

But, What Kind of Person Deflowers COCONUTS?

You know, people REALLY overuse the term virgin.Today, I got spam advertising 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.Sigh.Let's ignore the fact that I can't really imagine how someone grows inorganic coconuts, since coconuts are plant life and therefore BY DEFINITION they are organic. Ok, so you want to argue "organic" in this case means grown without… Continue reading But, What Kind of Person Deflowers COCONUTS?