Indeed, you WON’T like me when I’m angry.

The boys are pissed of this week.

I can tell. The carpet by the upstairs bathroom has a brand-new-pee-spot EVERY GODDAMN NIGHT.

They’re so mad, they’re not even peeing on the tile.

Do you have any idea how much urine a 100 or 145 pound dog carries?

A. Lot. Sigh.

I may be the pee devil, but I’m cute. And currently POSSESSED.

And I’m not sure which one did it. All I know is they BOTH hide when I get home.

I don’t know who you’re yelling at, but it wasn’t ME.

 UPDATED: I’d still rather deal with pee than eyeballs. That should’ve been the title of this post.

6 thoughts on “Indeed, you WON’T like me when I’m angry.

  1. Would doggy pee pads help? Also, I highly recommend a product called nature's miracle, it will help with any smell that may be left/helps clean the spots pretty well.


  2. I don't think they make pads big enough for Chewy, and he's my #1 suspect. Really I need to replace the bad bad berber carpet up in that hallway anyway (and now, likely some of the subflooring). I bet once that's done and the smell is gone they'll quit. Then again, maybe not…so maybe I should just leave it for now and keep using the enzyme spray to clean it up daily. Hmm. They'll be angry until everyone's home.


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