"What’s with TODAY, today?"

I have nothing for a real post today.

That’s a lie. I could probably entertain someone with some random stream-of-consciousness-crap that bounces around like a superball on speed in my cranium. However, I am lazy. And it’s election day (NO MORE Romney supporter calls to my house: yay!!). And therefore I give you the posts I’ve seen recently that made me cry, either through excessive laughter or well written sentiment.

(Please note, the mental image I get when I write “sentiment” is Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka…remember how he looked like he swallowed a bigass frog every time he tried to say “parents”? Yeah. That’s the face I make…also, I just got COMPLETELY distracted looking at pics of Johnny Depp on the interwebz.)

Work, shmerk, people.

Anyway, read these. Seriously.

Cerebral Milkshake: I Will Inject You With Kindness
Superbetsy: Star Wars Kinect
Rubypearl: I Wonder Who Does Laundry at Castle Greyskull?
Non-Girlfriend: Loss is Loss
HyperboleAndAHalf: GOD OF CAKE

Honestly, I could put pretty much anything Jenny writes up as either funny or touching (there’s that frog face again), so I’ll just say: if you aren’t already, read The Bloggess.

That’s all I have. Go forth and have a fabulous Tuesday.

PS: spellchecker HATES this post. Mwahahaha.

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