New Year, New Goals

I’m sort of a major scrooge on New Year’s Eve. 2008 was a shitty year anyway, in pretty much all aspects of my life. Looking back was just depressing and put me in a major funk, which of course started a minor tiff with the hubby and resulted in me being even more, well, unhappy (because “funkier” is just completely different). Plus after the holiday insanity for Christmas I generally don’t feel like partying on NYE…in fact, I much prefer staying at home (where it’s warm) and hanging out with friends. Last night i stayed home but it was mostly by myself (Hubby made an appearance at a friend’s party and got home about 9) and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I was pouty…which is why I completely encouraged him to go to said party becuase I was NOT in any shape to hang out with yesterday. Seriously.

But, new day, new year, new goals, new me…right? I’m such a geek: I AM one of those people who sit down and make goals for a year…not resolutions, because those ridiculous things never work. But I’m not an ordinary organized geek…oh no. My writing background is too ingrained for that: I don’t make goals, I make OUTLINES, as in major goal followed by SUB goals, to be completed over the course of the year. This year, because I’ve read in multiple places (and rumor has it this is in The Secret) I’m writing down an actual outline with timing and putting it up on my office wall.

I have major goals in most areas of my life: body, mind, soul, relationship, living situation, career. I’m 31: it’s about time I learn to find some balance in my life and get my shit in order. Seriously. I started many of them right around Samhain, which is a much better (and less stressful) time for me to begin the New Year, however there are some that just weren’t feasable to begin until after the holidays, so only baby steps were made in those 2 months after. NOW, in the darkest, coldest, and slowest time of the year is when I can really focus my energy on kicking all my goals into a higher intensity and build it over the year, instead of driving them all to burnout by February.

2009 is my year for change. I can feel it…now I just need to follow through and DO it.

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