NaNo Count: 6,000

I’m 4000 words short of the goal for this week…HOWEVER, last Sunday and tonight are the first real opportunities I’ve had to write this week. Thank GOD this association issue should be resolved, or at least out of the board’s hands, after tomorrow. I waffled quite a bit on whether I even wanted to sign up for NaNo this year, seeing as last weekend was our first weekend off in 2.5 months and there’s always some family stuff in November. But even if I don’t make the goal of 50,000 words by the 30th, this gives me a goal to try to meet each day or week or month, which is smaller than the general goal “finish one of the books.”

However, I’m pretty damn annoyed tonight. In fact, I’m downright pissed off, and it’s actually distracting me out of the storyline, which only serves to annoy me further. argh a lot.

So it’s 12:21am and I’m giving up for the night with cramping fingers and a cranky mind. If I’m lucky I’ll get a couple of hours in tomorrow before KISS and the SS party…but as there’s also housecleaning that needs to be done and dogs to pay attention to, something tells me Sunday will be my next opportunity. Damn damn damn.

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