As a follow up to a previous post, “Honor” requires MARRYING YOUR RAPIST in Afghanistan. And despite international outcry for her treatment, the victim is seriously considering doing so to “save the family name.”

I’m not judging her: I’m judging her FAMILY. First, a family member rapes her and SHE’S sentenced to jail. For what exactly? For “sex outside marriage” even though she had no choice in the matter. Now she’s being violated again: family is supposed to protect you, not force you to marry someone who assulted you for the good of the family’s name. What the hell does their NAME have to do with any of this? She endured a horrific ordeal at the hands of someone who should’ve been trustworthy, and was failed by her kin and country over and over.

I wish this woman could find the courage to tell them all to fuck off and leave the country: at this point Amnesty International or another refugee service could get her out. Unfortunately as is the case with so many women brought up under oppressive social mores and abusive conditions, she’ll likely stay and raise her daughter in the same culture that forces her to marry a man who raped her.

In my head, I know that this is a cultural practice that has gone on in many societies for centuries all over the world.

In my heart, I’m so utterly discouraged and saddened by the calculated subjugation of half the human race simply because “it’s always been that way.” I’ll never understand what the hell is so terrifying to these abusive, ignorant, idiots about respecting the equality of women.

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