An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

So, it's easier to just put this into a blog post than repeat things over and over for peeps who don't know yet. I haven't been around much the past few weeks for writing or anything else (other than horror movies and related distractions) because I'm in the middle of a thing.It turns out, finding… Continue reading An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

The Time Feminism Forces Me to Defend a…Palin

So today my Facebook feed and news outlets have two rivaling headlines. First and most importantly, SCOTUS has effectively shut down all those idiots terrified that Mark and Steve's marriage, or Jane and Sally's, will somehow threaten their own heterosexual homes. And to the national endorsement of equality for people who want to marry, I say… Continue reading The Time Feminism Forces Me to Defend a…Palin

I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.

My yahoo email address isn't particularly masculine, so I'm mildly amused and somewhat disturbed that I received the following emails in my Spam folder this morning: Sexy Brides! Hot Russian and Ukrainian Brides Looking For Love Because a husband isn't enough: I NEED the drama of another wife in the house. Sister wife I am… Continue reading I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.

Updated: Feminism: No, Really

fem·i·nism/ˈfɛm əˌnɪz əm/  [fem-uh-niz-uh m] noun 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. 2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women. 3. feminine character. Recently my friend Superbetsy blogged, in a wonderfully snarky way, about cosplay at various geeky… Continue reading Updated: Feminism: No, Really

Why I Bellydance (This is not a funny post. You probably don’t want to read it).

So I'm six feet tall. This has relevance, promise. By the time I was in fourth grade I was taller than everyone else AND I was getting boobs, because nature decided I needed multiple targets for the bullies in school. Since I was about eight I've been a pretty consistent failure at being a feminine… Continue reading Why I Bellydance (This is not a funny post. You probably don’t want to read it).

Encounters of the Weird Kind…

Random weird shit from Girls' Weekend 2012:   I may have been mistaken for a prostitute, but I'm not sure.Dinner at Dick's Last Resort in the Mall of America, where the servers are snarky and rude...and yet pretty damn hilarious. "I ate soup" was sent by one of the men in response to a "you should sext… Continue reading Encounters of the Weird Kind…

Sluts and Harlots: The Moms Need Feminist Education

Today, I saw this on The Stir: it makes me both disappointed and sad. Regardless of my stance on teenagers dirty dancing at a school function, these women's reactions were utterly ridiculous, sexist, and downright misogynistic. What, you didn't think women can hate women? If your boyfriend/husband/lover looks at, flirts, or even cheats, who… Continue reading Sluts and Harlots: The Moms Need Feminist Education

They’re not Resolutions. They’re goals with loose morals.

Sometimes the ability for one person to do anything that will make a difference to someone 10,000 miles away is so overwhelmingly insurmountable that said person has to just hope. I know my last few posts were pretty irritated: I'm easily fired up by a few topics, and violence against women is one of my… Continue reading They’re not Resolutions. They’re goals with loose morals.


As a follow up to a previous post, "Honor" requires MARRYING YOUR RAPIST in Afghanistan. And despite international outcry for her treatment, the victim is seriously considering doing so to "save the family name." I'm not judging her: I'm judging her FAMILY. First, a family member rapes her and SHE'S sentenced to jail. For what… Continue reading Sigh.