They’re Watching You…

So I currently have outlines/research going for 4 different books (of the “yes I’m writing a book” variety, not the “this is what I’m reading” variety). Sigh. The trouble with creativity AND a fascination with certain myths/cultures/religions is that crows are not to be fucked with…did I mention a touch of ADD?

For one of the works in progress I’ve done quite a bit of research on Morrigan (Morrigu, The Morrigan, etc), the Celtic goddess of war and death. I love her, since I’m tad bloodthirsty myself…ok, let’s be honest here: I’m quite more than a tad bloodthirsty. When I was six I had a very (by ‘very’ I mean excruciatingly-long-and-painful-for-a-six-year-old-bladder) long bus ride to and from school…friends and I passed the time coming up with elaborate horror stories. One such story, still in the baby-box of random stuff kept by my parents for nostalgic embarrassment, featured a grizzly bear chasing us and ripping off arms in bloody splendor. Pretty sure that one had me on the teetering edge of seeing a child psychologist, but at the time I was blissfully unaware of any concern and continued with haunted houses and creature features as though they were totally normal.

What the hell does that have to do with crows, novels OR mythology and relatively obscure Irish goddesses? Nothing really, except that since I’m often fairly dark-minded and researching for a novel, I ran into quite a few myths/legends regarding crows, ravens and rooks. They’re smart, busy, vocal, social, and usually associated with war and death in Irish legends. I suppose this is likely due to willingness to peck out eyeballs and innards whenever necessary…or available.

Therefore, I’m amused at crow vengeance-plots making the local news. And I say to you, sir: watch out for your eyeballs and don’t piss them off. Seriously.

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