UPDATED: Warning: This Post Contains Coworker GIBBERISH

Writing doesn’t pay any of my bills: I write because if I didn’t I’d wither away into bitterdom. Yes, I just invented a word. I’m that awesome. Or mental. Probably mental.

In my I’m-paid-to-sit-at-this-computer hours, I’m a business analyst in the medical insurance industry. Sounds boring as hell, doesn’t it? Sometimes it is (generally those are days when you get multiple blog posts during the day and I’m on twitter/facebook/interwebz WAY more than I should be). Case in point: I’m writing about 10,000 UAT (User Acceptance Testing) test cases for software functionality.

Ok, I’m exaggerating. It’s 1,000. I’m not kidding. Sound exciting? It’s not. At all. It’s tedious and nitpicky, but still better than starving my dogs to death, so I do it.

Sometimes it’s challenging, interesting, and even a little fun even though I’d always rather be writing.

Or watching Xena: Warrior Princess.

Or bellydancing, which is the only hobby I’ve ever had that pays a little bit, and that’s a neat little bonus to the fun of it. But being inherently lazy, usually I’d rather be watching Xena.

The past few years I’ve had a couple higher-stress gigs (one required a lot of travel which I bitched wrote about plenty already), but they were small companies with a “family” feel to them (if your family is high-drama and a lot of work). The current gig is delightfully low-stress: partly because I’m a contractor (therefore I don’t EVER work over 40 hours because they’d have to pay me overtime) and partly because it’s a large company with all the requisite bureaucracy.

And the requisite gossipy, snarky personalities. During all that time with nerdy developer-types I forgot hilariously annoying that many women working in the same space can be.

Of COURSE I have examples, silly! These are all from the same girl who I can only assume is a spoiled brat attention whore simply because she’s so fucking loud and repetitive I’d like to ball-gag her that her inane comments make it through my headphone-filter. Oh sorry, was that snarky?

  • I hate when I see people treating their kids like pets: kids shouldn’t be on leashes, that’s just cruel. Because clearly she’s never lost a child anywhere and is a judgy bitch.
  • It’s like $100 for cable and internet. I’m not paying for HBO when all I watch is “The Young and the Restless” on Soap Network every night.
  • I can’t believe you lost your kid! What kind of parent ARE you?
  • NAME REDACTED put an APB out on her kid in Macys! (please include a bitchy, snotty tone and loud self-important giggling when you read this for full effect).
  • NAME REDACTED! LEASHES ARE FOR DOGS, NOT KIDS! (In caps because she yelled it. Repeatedly. I’m only partially kidding when I suggest ball gagging her.)
  • Name Redacted, my elbow just burst. Can my elbow burst?
  • OMG YOU HAVE TO GET THEIR FRIES (again, yelling and went on about Smashburger fries for a good 10 minutes. Irritating, actually).
  • Well I’M not coming in early! Upon the supervisor asking for volunteers to work on authorized overtime. Said supervisor replied, “We already know that, Twit Coworker Name Redacted. You said so three times. We heard you.”
  • UPDATE: Why are you always isolating me? (upon discovering the person across from her cube is moving out) Supervisor: “Oh Twit Cowroker Name Redacted, if we were going to isolate you we’d put you in a padded room. Or the basement where no one could hear your whining.” Fucking AWESOME.

In other news, the new Starbucks guy gave me a fork with my oatmeal today. A fork with my oatmeal. WTF?

To fix my day I’ve ordered 4 Unicorn Fart Lip Balms from Etsy. They smell like thin mints. Fucking tubes full of AWESOME. Also, Etsy may be the devil…
This whole post was totally random and if you made it this far I love you a lot. And you may need some professional help…just sayin.

UPDATED: Unicorn Farts are on their way! WOOT!

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Warning: This Post Contains Coworker GIBBERISH

  1. Where's the \”Like\” button?!? Oh. Wait. This isn't facebook! What am I doing here? Slacking. Yeah, I said it. -Cas


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