Mini-Donut-Trucks Date Back to the 1600’s

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Well, neither did I, until the Mini Donut truck parked outside my booth at the MN Renaissance Festival on Saturday. Nope, not kidding:

(Pic courtesy of PJ, who posted it on facebook today, because the one I took with my non-renaissance-iphone didn’t turn out). What this picture doesn’t include is the costumed street performer who stood next to the truck for the entire day, 9am to 7pm, holding a sign that just read: REALLY?

Other fun shenanigans at the Renaissance Festival last weekend:

  • It rained Saturday night, so there were large puddles everywhere Sunday. Two street performers pretended to fish in a puddle outside my booth. Husband said “the only thing they’re likely to catch in there is an STD.”
  • DonutTruckGate and the new Mermaid Peep Show (which you have to pay extra for and is located in the Children’s Realm of the festival, which I find amusing…although it may be touted as “See a Mermaid” instead of “Mermaid Peep Show.” Semantics.) were the topic of every improv bit for pretty much every entertainment show at the festival.
  • Apparently said ridicule was so exhausting for management that by Sunday afternoon that someone asked the donut truck to leave. So he set up on the other side of the parking lot and continued to sell to patrons. Kudos to him! It wasn’t HIS fault stupidity ran amok and likely screwed him out of many sales.
  • Participants park in a gravel pit. A deep gravel pit, filled with looming pyramids of sand and rocks, excavation equipment, puddles that can swallow your car, and six inches of mud. Oh did I mention there are NO LIGHTS down there, so when workers are done at 8:30 or so they’re navigating in the pitch black to try to find their cars in a maze of filth and deadly obstacles? Yeah.
  • The shuttle driver who is SUPPOSED to drive workers down to their cars (for safety purposes…ie so they don’t get hit by lost drivers trying to find their way OUT of the pit) decided to call it a night at about 7:30 on Saturday.
  • Another shuttle driver made pretty raunchy comments about bouncing boobs (yes, most all of us women out there wear corsets or bodices, and they DO push our cleavage up. It was the style of the Renaissance.) and actually stopped the bus and asked workers if he could WATCH THEM CHANGE. What the fuck, dude? He’s been reported. I wasn’t on the bus at the time. I likely would’ve popped him one and gotten fired, so it’s probably good I wasn’t there.

My feet are three sizes too big today, my legs hurt, and I’m bone tired. But selling mead is kick-ass fun and I have a great crew. All opening-day shenanigans aside, it was a fabulous weekend.

One weekend down. Six to go. If you’re in MN, stop by!

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