Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

First, thank you. To everyone who has been so damn supportive and kind (and patient!) please know I appreciate it all.Second, I'm ok. My awesome surgeon (who was VERY excited and happy in the pre-op room...something that I considered weird until I realized I WANT a surgeon who's passionate about his job) got it all.… Continue reading Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

I Heart Internet News

Blame Jay Leno for my never ending amusement at awfulsome headlines. Religious People Say They Don't Watch Porn. Internet Data Says Otherwise. Um, I feel like "duh"should be somewhere in this headline. Maybe even "fucking duh?". Catholic Bishop's Advice For Divorced, Remarried Catholics: Stop Having Sex. Clearly, he thinks they should just watch more porn. In true creepy fashion, said… Continue reading I Heart Internet News

Book Review: Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

Amazon Prime recommended this one to me (how Amazon manages to recommend anything to me given the weird and random things I buy is really beyond my algorithmic abilities), and for once the interwebs read me correctly.Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer was completely worth the time. I loved this book enough to read it in… Continue reading Book Review: Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

Scully Explains Feminism in the BEST WAY.

I've been watching Netflix streamed crime shows lately, particularly ones from other countries. Oddly enough, it was in a serial killer show with Gillian Anderson (SCULLY!!) and Jaime Dornden (Once Upon a Time, 50 Shades) that has boiled down the best description of everyday sexism I've ever seen. Gillian Anderson, a special police investigator, is… Continue reading Scully Explains Feminism in the BEST WAY.

SyFy’s Next Sharknado: CARNICORN!

Because who the fuck wouldn't watch a bad Saturday night movie with a flesh-eating-attack-unicorn?? People, it's goddamned genius: the ultimate symbol of innocence and purity ravaging a city with impalement carnagey death.  Somebody who's not me and can actually write scripts: get on that shit.I wonder if the Snakipeder Army could defend against Carnicorn...hmm.Also, the… Continue reading SyFy’s Next Sharknado: CARNICORN!

Yes Medusa, my hair IS trying to kill me (or: You won’t like it when it’s ANGRY)

The past few days have been a rollercoaster. Did you know I'm horridly susceptible to motion sickness? I wonder if I can get a prescription for an emotional-Dramamine-patch...So, the highs and lows in my fucked up universe in a 72 hour period: Had enough frequent flier miles to visit one of my most favoritest people on the… Continue reading Yes Medusa, my hair IS trying to kill me (or: You won’t like it when it’s ANGRY)

Go Ahead: Call Me Lazypants.

Do you know what happens when I have weeks and weeks off of work between the end of my contract and the beginning of a new position? NOTHING. So far:I've gotten utterly hooked on the Kevin McKidd episodes of Grey's Anatomy, even though I'd been warned not to get into that show (because goddammit, I'm… Continue reading Go Ahead: Call Me Lazypants.

CLIMB INTO THE HANDBASKET…and hang the hell on.

 If you're wondering, I'm TOTALLY using that title for my as-yet-ill-conceived memoir. That's right: "climb into the handbasket" was one of the many fucked-up ways people found this blog. Here are a few others: "i'm in love with my same sex therapist" - I'm fairly certain I've never blogged about this. Should I ever I'll… Continue reading CLIMB INTO THE HANDBASKET…and hang the hell on.

Update: This was going to be a real post, but then there was an angry dog. And Bellydancing Chewbaccas.

There's a real post coming, and the next flash fiction entry for my Seven Deadly Sins project (which was sidetracked by broken pelvis scaffolding and hospitals). In the meantime: My sister is a HUGE Viking's fan. I'm not a football fan in general (although I AM quite a fan of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, but that's… Continue reading Update: This was going to be a real post, but then there was an angry dog. And Bellydancing Chewbaccas.

Mini-Donut-Trucks Date Back to the 1600’s

Oh, you didn't know that? Well, neither did I, until the Mini Donut truck parked outside my booth at the MN Renaissance Festival on Saturday. Nope, not kidding: (Pic courtesy of PJ, who posted it on facebook today, because the one I took with my non-renaissance-iphone didn't turn out). What this picture doesn't include is… Continue reading Mini-Donut-Trucks Date Back to the 1600’s