An Amateur Historian’s Linguistic Annoyance

I'm watching a documentary on the Etruscans. Yes I'm a nerd, this is established. I'm irritated with the historian/archaeology presenters.First, a thirty-second background on Etruscans because I usually assume I'm the only ancient history weirdo in the room. Please ignore the next two paragraphs if you're already all well-versed in Etruscan history, or medium-versed, or… Continue reading An Amateur Historian’s Linguistic Annoyance

Reasons I Shouldn’t Personally Hit The Snooze Button

Disclaimer: I am not judging your ability or inability to hit said snooze button.1) It's not actually a button anymore.'s a random space in the middle of a touch screen on a device I'm more likely to throw across the room when the stupid noise starts than fumble my ham-hands to the correct fingertip spot… Continue reading Reasons I Shouldn’t Personally Hit The Snooze Button

Groupon Offered "Junk Removal" Today. I’m Disturbed.

Then again, maybe I'm the only one who thinks of this in 12 year old terms. Of course, I also received a bunch of offers for viagra/cialis and an inappropriate offer for surprise anal. (Um, can I just say that, at least theoretically, pretty much no sexual act should be a surprise?) If I don't think about… Continue reading Groupon Offered "Junk Removal" Today. I’m Disturbed.

Be Careful What You Ask For?

Every once in a while, people who aren't COMPLETELY horrified at the stuff I think up wonder where the hell I get some of my story ideas. I had a nifty example today...While sitting in the girl-doctor's office waiting room, no less (before being mildly annoyed that my appointment was being cancelled via phone while… Continue reading Be Careful What You Ask For?

The Return and Demise of Samael

Two years ago, the Starbucks nearest to my house hosted a demon on their drive-through shelf.As most bad pennies do, he turned up again on Wednesday last week after a snowstorm. I mean, sheesh...evil soul-swallowing snow monsters and their regeneration, right? How exhausting.The Desolate One, ThwartedSadly, Samael (The Desolate One) was no match for the… Continue reading The Return and Demise of Samael

"Duran Duran DOES NOT Sing The Song Of My People" (This post is Not Safe For Anyone*)

I seriously considered leaving this entire post blank**, because in this case the title really does say it all. Honestly, I laughed so hard at that one (which was dropped during what I thought was a totally normal conversation) I wheezed and cried a little.Also? Since I generally anonymize my friends/family on this blog unless… Continue reading "Duran Duran DOES NOT Sing The Song Of My People" (This post is Not Safe For Anyone*)

Errant Vegetables In The News

I love Huffington Post. No, I didn't include a link. Yes, that's on purpose. Not because it's an example of fair journalism (they aren't), nor because of the quality writing (it often isn't), nor because the site is so full of integrity* (definitely not). *this is a site that doesn't pay any of the writers.… Continue reading Errant Vegetables In The News

I Had Too Much Sugar Today

None of these are enough for a single post.Someone found my blog by googling "unmanning husband" which sort of baffles AND intrigues me. OF COURSE I HAD TO GOOGLE IT. And I did indeed find the post in question...along with the oddest random assortment of links I've ever seen. Seriously, wtf? Macbeth - A critical readerA tumblr… Continue reading I Had Too Much Sugar Today

Yahoo Spam Thinks I’m a Cheating Alcoholic

You know, it seems odd to begin with that a separated woman gets emails inviting her to join "married but looking" cheating websites geared towards husbands, particularly when Ashley Madison just got hacked. Thanks Yahoo, but no, I'm not looking for a Asian girl or a fuck buddy named Adriana (who can't POSSIBLY be 18… Continue reading Yahoo Spam Thinks I’m a Cheating Alcoholic

Dear Houston: Put The Death Rays Away. I’m Visiting.

If this is my last post due to melting under Texas heat, will someone please scrape what's left of the puddle into the ocean?I'm heading to the office in Houston for a week on app says the temp will be a balmy 100 (or, if I'm really lucky, 99).However, I will probably cause all… Continue reading Dear Houston: Put The Death Rays Away. I’m Visiting.