Dude. Really. You should ride that ride.

In a surreal afternoon event, I’ve had a quote a friend said to me two years ago at Renaissance Festival running maddeningly hilarious circles through my head.

A group of us took the day off one particularly pleasing afternoon to wander like idiots and drink ourselves silly. Indeed, mission accomplished for Husband and the other friends involved. I opted to drive because I’m a compassionate goddess of fun a fucking lightweight who gets horrifically debilitating hangovers. Therefore, I was titled Wrangler of Drunks for the day.

And it was fabulously entertaining…I’m not actually being snarky. Husband and two friends, H and B (both former security ociffers) ran stumbled around the festival, harassing participants/entertainers/dogs/random trees and having a grand time. I followed at a safe distance (so I wouldn’t trip one of them for entertainment purposes by accident.

Ultimately, we connected with another former security dude…FUCK this gets confusing without names. Let’s call him Z (whom we all adore in all his zombie-loving, pink bathrobe wearing, chocolate fountain ruining glory) with whom H had previously tangled. Apparently said tangling was…quite satisfactory.

She insisted that I NEED to ride that ride.  It became a thing between the four of us, and for some reason all day today my brainpan has had “seriously Jess, you should ride that ride” bouncing around.

I am amused.

If that isn’t enough entertainment: Now Read These:

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One thought on “Dude. Really. You should ride that ride.

  1. First off– thank you, ma'am! I appreciate the highlight.Second off– you need to ride that ride? Love it. I love sexual innuendo. Did you ever ride that ride? I won't tell.Third off– I love the Renaissance Faire in Bristol, WI, have you ever been to that one? How much will you hate me for saying Ye Olde Pepsi Cola. Amusing post as usual, I hope your hubby is healing nicely and you are doing well.


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