Raising The Freak Flag

When I started this blog and called it "Escape on a Page" I intended to keep my writing life separate from my weird random blogging life. Yep, I recognize that was pretty stupid for me. Hey, if you can do it I'm envious of your organization and compartmentalization skills. I suck at compartmentalizing, and honestly… Continue reading Raising The Freak Flag

Chemo is an Interesting Monster – Round 2

Yesterday I had my second round of treatment for the two drug cocktail. For people keeping score, I'm now 1/2 way through the first 4 cycles. I'll have an additional 12 of a different drug after these are done. I am tolerating it ok as long as I stay on top of my nausea-med schedule… Continue reading Chemo is an Interesting Monster – Round 2

A Booby Prize

Wednesday was a day of doctors. I suppose I should be getting used to that, but so far I haven't. My surgical follow up was exactly as planned, except for getting a LOOK and a very snarky "and now you're sore, AREN'T YOU" comment from the surgeon for shoveling that morning. Yeah yeah. Lesson learned.… Continue reading A Booby Prize

An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

So, it's easier to just put this into a blog post than repeat things over and over for peeps who don't know yet. I haven't been around much the past few weeks for writing or anything else (other than horror movies and related distractions) because I'm in the middle of a thing.It turns out, finding… Continue reading An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

More Things Ragnar Ate and Drunk Walrus Impersonations. These Are Unrelated.

Once in a while, I re-up a subscription to one of those monthly boxes of random fun stuff, just because who doesn't like getting a box of something NOT bills in the mail?¬†This month, it was a witchybox full of various pagan bits and pieces (um, let's be clear I mean bits and pieces of… Continue reading More Things Ragnar Ate and Drunk Walrus Impersonations. These Are Unrelated.