Go Ahead: Call Me Lazypants.

Do you know what happens when I have weeks and weeks off of work between the end of my contract and the beginning of a new position?


So far:

  • I’ve gotten utterly hooked on the Kevin McKidd episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, even though I’d been warned not to get into that show (because goddammit, I’m trying NOT to watch so much TV, and Netflix might just be Beelzebub). Also, WHAT THE FUCK is with hospital shows getting mass shooters and sneaky stabbers rampaging through?? I remember the ER episode where Dr. Carter gets stabbed, people. Anyway, since it’s highly unlikely the McKidd will get nekkid in Grey’s, I think I’m over that phase. But it took up a good four days of writing time.
  • “Walk Like An Egyptian” is no longer a cultural reference. I must be old: one of my beginning bellydance students DIDN’T KNOW THE SONG. Sigh. I’m utterly disappointed. As it turns out, I’m likely not keeping the class I’ve been teaching for the past year anyway: the rightful teacher would like to come back. But I did enjoy teaching again, and I may have to see if there are other opportunities around…otherwise I’m lazy about dance. I need to be in or be responsible for class.
  • I’ve slept in every day and gone to be early every night. It’s fucking AWESOME. That is all.
  • I have a stack of new books, six episodes of Once Upon a Time, and a house to clean.

It’s possible I’m turning into a hermit. I’m cool like that.

One thought on “Go Ahead: Call Me Lazypants.

  1. Christina and Owen were fabulous in last night's Greys. (Do you watch Scandal? I'm obsessed.) You've been through a lot in the past few months, take all the time you need.


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