Writing about Writing (WARNING! Han Pictures!)

Thank you, all of you who encouraged me to keep going. Honestly, my couple-week-hiatus wasn’t a plea for attention or validation, nor was it to wonder whether the person in question was right: I KNOW he’s wrong. That’s not the point. HE’S not the point. Ultimately, that friendship was killed by an entirely different subject (after all, I may be pretty damn flexible and accepting, but there are a few topics on which I do not bend).

HE doesn’t matter in terms of this blog, because ultimately it’s my blog. If no one reads it at all, I’d still write it (which is the #1 reason the premise behind the comment was in error: I don’t write to publish. I write for me. If I entertain or inspire argument/thought/reflection, well neat. But it’s not my reason for writing).

I took a couple weeks to really think about where this blog started (with NO readers other than very occasionally my husband, who already knew all the stories) to where it is now, and what I want to do with it. I DO have a quick temper and at least enough bare minimum skills with words to cause harm if I’m not careful. I also have a responsibility to myself to balance editing (for the protection of subjects as well as for clear writing) and self-censorship.

Here’s the deal, I originally intended this blog to be about my random silly life, and that’s how it’s going to remain.

That means some days, I’m feeling like this:

 (That’s right, my nephew Han is FUCKING ADORABLE. SUCK IT, Prince George!)

And some days, maybe not so much.

DUDE! I’m not sure WTF just happened, but I am SORELY unimpressed. STOP LAUGHING!
(In case you’re wondering, his mom gave him the squeeze tube of baby food. OF COURSE he squeezed it…and was slightly horrified at the result. Or, at all of us laughing at him…)

I suppose the best way to put my final decisions on manipulation is: I see a clear difference between attempting to manipulate someone versus entertaining and/or openly influencing someone. I won’t lie to get someone to do what I want them to do. I won’t arrange situations and people to try to change the outcome.

But I WILL report when situations are funny as hell (or, as is often the case with me, utterly fucked up). And I won’t hide when depression hits, or when I’m particularly emotional about something.

So yeah, I’m back.

Now, I’m off to put the Cone of Shame on Chewy. Sigh. One more week of this hell and my house goes back to normal. Just in time for Renaissance Festival to start.

I could do a whole series on THOSE dramas…after the Townhome Twits are finished. Next one tomorrow! 

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