I Have No Good Title For This

Since I’m lacking any full-post-worthy (sigh, I wrote that as “worty” at first…which is both gross AND makes me think of herbs…and beer) items I give you a bunch of random crap.

1) I saw Ender’s Game. No, I’m not sorry about seeing a movie based on a book that deals with issues like blind hatred and genocide written by a man who purportedly hates homosexuals. I find the irony intriguing. Also, it’s a movie. Shrug.


Chewy is unimpressed. In general. 

3) A co-worker just regaled me with the story of her attempt to buy her grandson shoes from Adidas.com. The shoes that arrived from Adidas.com, in the Adidas.com box, were old filthy worn men’s shoes. That stunk. Adidas.com’s response “I’m sorry that happened to you.” REALLY?? Your employee took off his OWN SMELLY SHOES, put them in a box and shipped them instead of the new ones purchased and that’s all you can say? Fail. 
4) In an established tradition, Groupon is advertising the oddest shit to me. In today’s email: 
  • Custom Spray Tans (does Groupon know I’m pasty scandahoovian northerner?)
  • Princess Diana THE MUSICAL (I…seriously, what the fuck??)
  • Tandem Sky Dive Jumps (again, trying to kill me)
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot (maybe this goes with the custom spray tans)
5) I apologize for the random crappiness of this post. I’m fairly unamusing today, as it’s Friday and my brain is utterly burnt out (through my eyeballs) after staring at a Cobal computer screen for the past few weeks at work. I’ll have something entertaining tomorrow. 

5 thoughts on “I Have No Good Title For This

  1. Have people been haunting the Adidas Facebook page or writing them about this customer care problem? It may cause them to respond better like giving a refund.


  2. Oh yeah, apparently she has to FedEx the ishy shoes back and they'll refund her money, but she has to re-order the originals (yeah…who'd do THAT after getting used, old, filthy shoes??). We told her to tweet about it, because customer service was so terrible. I suppose this will be one more weird story with no resolution. Ha!


  3. Are you sure that Groupon hadn't designed your dream date? You strip down for your spray tan, add just a little something slinky on that and let a stranger take pictures of you, slap on heels and a tiara and totter off to \”Diana\”, before zipping a flight suit over that whole business and jumping out of a plane with your beloved?think about it…


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