Dear Yahoo Mail: There Are No Snakes In My Pants.

This isn’t a real post…just a moment of amusement.

Today’s winning Spam email (and by “winning” I mean most ridiculously humorous)?

“Replace your pant snake with a PYTHON” by Pharmacy Online.

Thank you, Pharmacy Online, but as I have no snakes in my pants and I have somewhat of a phobia of Snakes, Snakipeders, and other creatures…I TRULY don’t want any pythons anywhere near me.I know some of my friends (and Husband) are big fans of snake-types, but not this girl.

Now, if you meant a trousersnake…while I AM a fan of men and man-parts, I myself do not have one, therefore your offer is still moot.

UPDATE: I responded to the email with this post and the comment “my pants have no room for snakes.”

UPDATE 2: The response I sent failed. SO. I found the Pharmacy Online (by the website in the spam mail) on Twitter and sent them a link to this post. Because I have no snakes in my pants, and spam email is silly.

Happy Holidays, Pharmacy Online!

2 thoughts on “Dear Yahoo Mail: There Are No Snakes In My Pants.

  1. I wonder if they have a product to enlarge snakipeders? If so, it would follow that someone could also make a product to shrink them. You could put this on the ones under your house. I think the smaller you made them, the less scary they'd be. I'm just sayin', it's worth looking into…


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