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See the smoke and the Firefighters? They’re putting out a truck fire.
What’s left of the truck. Hi Firemen!
So yesterday I was on the way back from Galveston to Houston on the freeway, when my super awesome friend Mary (she’s driving) pulled off on an exit ramp because HOLY SHIT FIRE and smoke…which causes traffic. Fire and smoke resulting from a pickup that apparently had a meltdown in the heat. We saw three burnt cars on the side of the freeway yesterday. I suspect the tow truck from Cars is on a serial killing spree.
I feel it necessary to point out here that we pulled off the freeway on a legal exit ramp…meaning we stayed on a road. This will be relevant.
So you can see the grassy median between the freeway and us in the pictures, right? What you can’t see is the mass exodus of drivers who weren’t bright enough to exit the freeway by road, and instead decided to exit the freeway via median. There were about forty cars in various stages of exodus in the grass. The pickups and SUVs did just fine.
The Smart Car probably didn’t choose wisely.
The two 18-wheelers were just fucking disturbing. Why? Because the two semis bouncing through the dip in the median and over the curb were carrying gasoline and propane. Awesome.
I’m still somewhat shocked and…well…impressed: I’ve never been in a state where the lemmings on the road break free and do their own shit. Good to know in case of a zombie (or lemming) apocalypse.

One thought on “Filed Under "What The HELL, Texas?"

  1. When I lived up by Dallas, US75 running through Plano had a couple of places where the \”informal\” offramps were so frequently used that there were bare dirt tracks through the grass. Not sure whether it said more about the pickup drivers (who made up 90+% of the users of the informal exits) or the traffic that drove them to it.


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