Errant Vegetables In The News

I love Huffington Post. No, I didn’t include a link. Yes, that’s on purpose.

Not because it’s an example of fair journalism (they aren’t), nor because of the quality writing (it often isn’t), nor because the site is so full of integrity* (definitely not).

*this is a site that doesn’t pay any of the writers. At all. They offer “exposure” instead…because bloggers, journalists, writers: we can all make a living on free exposure, right?

Hmm. I wonder what exposure tastes like, if that’s the grocery budget?

Anyway, I love Huffington Post because they have the best headline writers.

Examples from today (all in the same section):

  • What Science Is – And How And Why It Works
    • Oh Neil deGrasse Tyson…I just…wow.
  • Yes, You CAN Wear Red Lipstick, And Here’s How
    • because the basic functionality of how a tube of lip color works is beyond most adults, apparently?
  • How To Successfully Navigate a Threesome
    • Again, ALL IN THE SAME SECTION (Science!)
      • Interestingly, this one pops up (haha) in the Women and Divorce sections as well. Hmm.
  • Can You Think Yourself Into A Different Person?
    • Are you attempting to invade someone else’s brain and take over, like a body snatcher? WHY THE FUCK would you want to do that?
    • Clearly, I’m doing meditation all wrong if this is a thing.
  • The Latest Science On Having a Rewarding Christmas
    • Sigh

And my #1 favorite for the day:

  • Here’s Why You Should Stop Scaring Your Poor Cats With Cucumbers
    • do I really need to say anything here? REALLY?

3 thoughts on “Errant Vegetables In The News

  1. No apologies necessary! I completely agree…but they do get some fabulous bloggers who come up with hilarious headlines. However, I would not write for them. Interestingly, Wil Wheaton recently blogged on his own site about not allowing HuffPo to republish a piece he'd written for exactly that reason.


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