Amazon Thinks I’m a Man-Witch

So a friend of mine forwarded me a link to a “reclaim your masculinity” dude’s blog the other day, which I read and enjoyed as another facet to views gender roles and equality (a subject which I give a lot of thought, actually). I didn’t agree with everything he wrote, but I can see some of his points. I was interested at least reading the back-cover copy of his books.

So I looked him up on Amazon. Yeah, not so much for me. But still, all perspectives fill out an argument, and it’s interesting to know. (For the record, I stopped bothering when I saw a bunch of “more like this” books supposedly related to his title which ALL varied on the same theme: keeping the little lady under control and making sure she provides enough sex to keep your marriage happy. Because only marriages where women know their place, under their man, are happy.)

And that’s when Amazon decided I’m a man-witch. A married man-witch, with a terrible sex life, apparently. I have a mix of pagan books, “man-workout” books, “fix your sex life in your marriage” books, and “male” philosophy books on my recommended list all of the sudden.

I’m not going to lie, I’m interested in reading Cicero’s On Duties and I sort of want to peruse How To Become a Modern Viking regardless of the books’ intended penis-people audience (A Man’s Guide to Unleashing the Warrior Within is a pretty clear subtitle).

But, dear Amazon, looking at something about dudes finding their tribe probably doesn’t mean I’m interested in The Married Man Sex Life Primer or The Purposeful Primitive (which is apparently a workout book for dudes).

There are others that make me gag a little, and so now I need to do searches on Amazon for other stuff JUST to clear out the poor marketing results. The pagan suggestions are helpful…the “understand devious female behavior” and “be a real man so your wife obeys” ones are just…sigh.


Unicorn masturbation?
Viking Weapons for Chicks?

Other suggestions?

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