Be Careful What You Ask For?

Every once in a while, people who aren’t COMPLETELY horrified at the stuff I think up wonder where the hell I get some of my story ideas. I had a nifty example today…

While sitting in the girl-doctor’s office waiting room, no less (before being mildly annoyed that my appointment was being cancelled via phone while I was in line to check in at the reception desk…sigh), the following thoughts strung themselves together in my brainpan and swirled around awhile.

1) Salt was a much sought-after item in ancient times, and could be quite expensive (it was a serious moneymaker for empires to own salt mines).

2) MANY ancient religious practices and beliefs included acceptance and regular interaction with the supernatural. Ghosts, demons, djinn, fairies, sirens/mermaids, etc.

2) Salt, in ritual, is used for protection against malevolent supernatural/spiritual activity. This is not limited to neo-pagan practices: superstitious people still fling salt over their left shoulder if it’s been spilled, to ward off bad luck.


  • If salt was relatively scarce outside of coastal areas or next to salt deposits AND used specifically for warding off demonic possessions, evil ghostly attacks, etc., did stuff like the Exorcist happen more often because every household didn’t have salt available for protections?
  • Does that mean wealthy societies now who have salt on the table every day are protected from said attacks?
  • If they ARE…would an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) result in an increase in possessions/activity as well?

And so, my brain decided that post-apocalyptic survivors would have to deal with demons and the like even within their protections unless they happen to have someone in their new society who can banish and protect them all. And what would THAT look like?

Yeah. That’s the shit my head comes up with when I’m bored. Be glad you don’t live in here people: it’s a weird crowded space…

I write to make room.

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