Random Crap and Totally Inappropriate Lyrics

Does anyone else feel like 2017 is an extended (terrible) episode of the Twilight Zone? And that’s all I’m going to say about the Oompa Loompa in charge, because I think it’s covered better by all the media (social and mainstream) out there.

So, I haven’t been here much since Thor died. I haven’t honestly written much at all since then: worried about Chewy, hanging out with the family while they were in town for holidays, helping my ex get his stuff (well, the stuff left in my house/garage) ready to move down to Texas. My poor drawer-o-journals has been untouched for a couple of weeks now, which is pretty horrid since I MAY have bought yet another recently. *Sigh* yes, I have a problem. 
Tomorrow, I’m going to my first writing conference. It’s stupid, but I’m beyond nervous: I’m bringing a page for critique (anonymously, thank all the deities out there) by agents, and signed up to do a pitch session. I can’t decide if I’m pushing my boundaries in effort to become a professional writer someday, or if I’m just paying dearly for a moment of insanity months ago when I signed up to do this thing. Let’s just all cross appendages that I stay within the non-arrestable forms of inappropriate behavior, shall we? 
Google says “arrestable” isn’t a word. I disagree. 
I’m too nervous to come up with decent funny blog items tonight, but I AM back. And so instead I’ll subject you to the dirtiest song I’ve actually ever heard (ok, that’s not entirely true). No, I didn’t know this song existed until the other day. Feel free to make fun of the video (which, if you listen to the lyrics has NOTHING to do with the song)…I did. Then I heard “cunning linguist” and really paid attention and HOLY CRAP they played this on the radio. Awesome and awfulsome. 

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