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Raising The Freak Flag

When I started this blog and called it “Escape on a Page” I intended to keep my writing life separate from my weird random blogging life.

Yep, I recognize that was pretty stupid for me. Hey, if you can do it I’m envious of your organization and compartmentalization skills. I suck at compartmentalizing, and honestly I don’t do well finding an appropriate line to censor my inner weirdo. I’d rather just be out there as myself on one site and let people be horrified or entertained as they will.

Also, I’ve been out of work on short term disability for the last three months while chemo kicked my ass, and I’m going back to work (virtually) on Monday. I promise that’s not a non-sequitur. I spent much of this week unpacking and reorganizing my home office and my desk and, I suppose, my life to some extent, to get ready for working again. I have three major and multiple minor writing projects either in planning/note-taking stages or in full on writing stages. Maintaining two blogs became more than I wanted to manage, especially if one was supposed to be LESS me than the other. Yes, I’m totally lazy.

So today I migrated over all the content from my old site and I won’t be posting there anymore. Since that’s been “me” for so many years, the merger included a name change here, although the address doesn’t change at all. (You guys, you have NO IDEA how happy I am that all my old blog tags and categories migrated over…I’m SO lazy.)

If you’ve been following Escape on a Page and aren’t familiar with No Pithy Phrase yet…um… sorry?

Good luck?

Welcome to my brainpan, and mind the gap.

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