fAngus and Ragnar

Day 1035 of Captivity

The Evil Overlord has been ill for some time now, and while I often find her company unacceptable I will say she’s been more available for naps. I approve. Sometimes I sleep on her feet because they’re offensively cold. Sometimes I bite them anyway. I follow her all around the house so I can keep an eye on her, even in the bathroom, where’s she’s stuck and has to pet me.

She got rid of THE DOG again for a few sunrises (something about visiting his friends at their house blahdey blah, I was napping. And I don’t care.), and it’s been blissfully quiet in the house. I admit I do miss biting his face, a little, but there’s a remarkable lack of spit in my fur while he’s gone.

Yesterday I pointed out a wasp that found its way into the kitchen, because I (unlike the stupid dog) do NOT eat spicy flying treats and it was invading my puke-grass planter! She removed it appropriately (with death), so I decided not to chase her up the stairs and grab her ankles this one time. She spends most of the day sitting at the noisy table she calls a “desk” in the hot room: there’s excellent sun patches to sleep on in there. Also, when the EO is talking to someone on her laptop (which makes no sense: she doesn’t have it on her lap) I can jump up there and stick my tail in her face, walk on the fun buttons on the laptop, and knock things off the desk.

I was attacking the Evil Overlord’s sleeve, but the sun just saps all the fight right out of me, and I had to nap. Fear not, I got the better of that sleeve later.


A few days ago she opened the door to the cold underneath of the house. MY FAVORITE! I ran down in full hunter mode: there are excellent spiders and monsters to pounce on and eat down there. I was so happy I sang the song of my people, and because there’s no carpet to puke on, my music echoes. What a lovely symphony!

The Evil Overlord came down to record my concert. I believe she posted the video…AM I NOT FABULOUS? Obviously the EO is an idiot who can’t figure out how to post a video properly, but you get the idea even though I’m sideways. SIGH. Clearly she needs someone sensible around here.

The Evil Overlord here: this is a ridiculously long video because he wouldn’t stop talking. There’s no magical large EVENT in there…don’t feel like you have to watch the whole thing.

Also, I found a ghost in the corner of the big echo-y room. I got some on my paw…GROSS. It took a whole bath to get the ghosty bits cleaned off! EO couldn’t see it…I suppose you can’t either. Humans are useless.

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