Not What It Looks Like

Every other month I get a suspiciously obfuscated slim package in the mail. Every time, I wonder what sort of magazines the post office thinks I’m ordering.

I thought only certain inappropriate magazines get sent in ominous black privacy plastic.
So it’s INTERNATIONAL porn. How fancy. (What the PO workers think, probably.)
I don’t know if porn can be sent from the Netherlands to Sweden to the US, but I suppose if you can’t tell what’s inside the envelope it could be anything.
The actual contents of said envelope: my subscription to Ancient History Magazine, which admittedly occasionally includes salacious articles such as “Sultry Celebrities” covering the exciting (and likely very short) lives of actresses in the Ancient World (where Actress = other services also for sale), but is more likely to offer the likes of “A Royal Vacation: Germanicus’ journey along the Nile”.

Perhaps less titillating, at least to those who aren’t this nerdy, than may be assumed.

*Tags for this post are intentionally NOT misleading, but I bet a few found this post based on explicit words anyway, and I TOLD YOU SO.

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