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Greetings from FFS Minerva

Someone is very cabin-feverish in this house.

Maybe more than one someone, but Minerva is the only one with crazy eyes. So far.

This post is just a relatively boring midwinter hunkering update.

SK and I were in Florida at Disney World two weeks ago for our honeymoon, and it was hilariously different from the last time I stayed in a Disney resort and did all the parks in a week. I do NOT remember being so exhausted I couldn’t make it through a full day. Of course, that was something like thirty years ago, so my legs were better then. And I didn’t lose my pinky toes to giant blisters that stayed all week.

No, we did not bring the horde.

By the middle of day 2, our day at the Magic Kingdom, my feet and legs were screaming, so we went back to our villa for an afternoon siesta. And that began a week long adventure that went like this: morning and whichever park we had reservations for that day (because even with a Park Hopper pass you have to make a reservation and it’s not easy to transfer, so it was NOT worth paying for the PH), lunch at said park at some sit down restaurant we also reserved in advance, followed by at least three hours of some combination of nap, TV, reading, and trying to get stupid cramping feet to chill out in a whooshy bath before dinner. It wasn’t really hot enough to be at the pool, so we avoided that and hermited when we weren’t having dinner or at a park, because huge crowds are exhausting (even when it’s fun) for introverts.

I also discovered I’m way too out of shape, sore, and impatient to wait in line for two hours for a roller coaster, so we mostly just walked. We did do the ride in the giant golf ball…where you choose your language for your little car ride through the history of humanity. SK chose Español, which he insisted was by accident but I’m still not sure it wasn’t jabbing at random spots on a screen while his transition lenses switched from outdoor tint to indoor no-tint.

We shopped without buying much, and ate, and took the sky ride to Hollywood Studios so I could spend time in Star Wars Galaxy (which was absolutely worth it and I wish I’d had more time), and napped. It was lovely. Highly recommend Trattoria, Flying Fish, and Abracabar on the Disney Boardwalk, and we ate at Spice Road Table in Morocco in Epcot twice it was so freaking good. But it was also nice to come home.

Now it’s February and we’re all itching to get through the rest of today so the weather goes from -11F with a windchill to something more reasonable and less freeze-pop. fAngus and Minerva ask to go outside every few minutes and come back in almost right away, all day, which is apparently exhausting since all furballs were dead asleep by 8pm last night.

Butterfle yelled after trying to go out and swing yesterday that she’s SO SICK OF WINTER CAN’T DO THIS FOR SIX MORE WEEKS. I generally love winter, but even I’m tired of the cold, so I get it. This weekend is supposed to warm up and I plan on spending some real time breaking in my snowshoes, or skating (because our honeymoon trip is done so if I hurt myself it’s slightly less inconvenient, and let’s all remember when I fell on a bench and knocked the wind out of myself a couple years ago…graceful).

Anyway, that’s a rambly bunch of nothing, which is why I haven’t put up a real post in a bit. Between honeymoon travel (Orlando airport security is still one of the most banal circles of Hell), catching up on my NetGalley book reviews (I have a few more coming), all the normal horde doings, cello lessons that make Minerva howl, and finishing the cancer book I haven’t had much left over.

But I do have a countdown going. Today is Friday February 3rd…so, four weeks until things change, for me and hopefully for moving into spring.

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