The 1/2 Way Update: I might need Ripley to come to chemo.

Today I will have chemo infusion 8 of 16, which means I'll officially hit my 1/2 done mark at 4:30 or so.Fun facts about Taxol/paclitaxil.It was derived from the Pacific Yew tree in the late 60's/early 70's. Did you know yew is one of the trees that is universally fatally toxic? Yeah...even birds have to… Continue reading The 1/2 Way Update: I might need Ripley to come to chemo.

I Dub Thee "Herman the Moulien"* (pronunciation updated)

So I have a (perhaps foolish) goal to submit at least two pieces of writing every month for publication this year. Yeah, yeah, I know...but it's not a sparkler-and-champagne induced resolution thing like losing weight or some other random general "goal." I'd like to say I have a really specific goal, such as writing 1k words… Continue reading I Dub Thee "Herman the Moulien"* (pronunciation updated)

UPDATED: Why Yes, I DO Prefer Non-Test-Tube Men, Thanks

Sign on my way to work this morning:Homemade   males*Now I'm 99% certain the males in my life of all species in all capacities are 100% homemade by their parents. No plastic Ken dolls here, and no test tube or clones. Of course, one can never be certain the body snatchers or Stepford scientists haven't been… Continue reading UPDATED: Why Yes, I DO Prefer Non-Test-Tube Men, Thanks


This will haunt my dreams. Proof the interwebz are possessed? You're welcome. BEARLACC!!*An alien contemplating its next victim? A balding werewolf? (Team Jacob in 30 years!). A SyFy Saturday night Creature? Really, who knows? *Or it's a bear, after an unfortunate encounter with an overzealous barber and a set of industrial-strength clippers. Seriously, THIS is why… Continue reading WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??

Fancy-Pants Hotel, or Den of Iniquity?

Last weekend we had an un-aptly-named "Staycation," because neither of us had the available PTO to go to Florida with the rest of the family. We stayed here: The Graves 601, partially because the location is pretty darn ideal for wandering around downtown Minneapolis (The Graves is across from Target Center/Target Field, next to Kieran's Irish… Continue reading Fancy-Pants Hotel, or Den of Iniquity?