This will haunt my dreams. Proof the interwebz are possessed? You’re welcome.


An alien contemplating its next victim?

A balding werewolf? (Team Jacob in 30 years!).

A SyFy Saturday night Creature? Really, who knows?

*Or it’s a bear, after an unfortunate encounter with an overzealous barber and a set of industrial-strength clippers. Seriously, THIS is why animals wear coats. They look damn silly naked.

In case you’re wondering, Han (my awesome nephew) utterly disapproves of these shenanigans.

DUDE! That smells TERRIBLE!

This post probably isn’t as funny as I find it at midnight-thirty. I turn into a pumpkin at 10:30, so WHO THE HELL IS WRITING THIS CRAP? 

3 thoughts on “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??

  1. Mange is apparently the reason to shave a bear (as per my Veterinarian friend who also pities the bear in this pic). And I thought my Great Pyrenees looks ridiculous bald…bears are downright frightening!


  2. Wait, is that actually a bear? That thing is horrible looking. Also: Your nephew is adorable. He is NOT horrible looking. I wanted to clear that up.


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