UPDATED: Why Yes, I DO Prefer Non-Test-Tube Men, Thanks

Sign on my way to work this morning:

Homemade   males*

Now I’m 99% certain the males in my life of all species in all capacities are 100% homemade by their parents. No plastic Ken dolls here, and no test tube or clones. 
Of course, one can never be certain the body snatchers or Stepford scientists haven’t been here, I guess.
Perhaps the Ancient Aliens dude with the super hair has a point? Are Homemade Males off the rack or custom made? 

That’s not weird or gross at ALL…
*P.S. Said sign is for a Mexican restaurant; pretty sure it just lost the “Ta” from tamales. 
Which prompts the “what sauce options come with homemade males” question.

UPDATE: the raging discussion at work today is exactly what SORTS of upgrades and add-on options are available from a Homemade Males store.

Sadly, a cleaning option seem to be the most popular (self-cleaning AND house-cleaning were mentioned).

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Why Yes, I DO Prefer Non-Test-Tube Men, Thanks

  1. \”Which prompts the \”what sauce options come with homemade males\” question.\”Creamofsomeyoungguy….oh wait, you said tamales, not eggrolls….Speaking of the Ancient Aliens dude with Super Hair, apparently he is getting his own show on Friday nights called In search of Aliens or something like that. Saw a commercial when I was working out the other day.


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