Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

First, thank you. To everyone who has been so damn supportive and kind (and patient!) please know I appreciate it all.Second, I'm ok. My awesome surgeon (who was VERY excited and happy in the pre-op room...something that I considered weird until I realized I WANT a surgeon who's passionate about his job) got it all.… Continue reading Tiny Indignities: Brought to You by Frankenboob

An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

So, it's easier to just put this into a blog post than repeat things over and over for peeps who don't know yet. I haven't been around much the past few weeks for writing or anything else (other than horror movies and related distractions) because I'm in the middle of a thing.It turns out, finding… Continue reading An Unexpected Unpleasant Side Quest

God Jul. It’s ok to take a break.

It's two days until the winter solstice (well, in the Northern hemisphere, anyway), and five days to Christmas Eve. Various cable channels are all about Christmas movies. Main streets in my city are lit with non-denominational decorations - white and multi-colored lights on various trees, big bright snowflakes hanging from streetlamps, evergreens in the public… Continue reading God Jul. It’s ok to take a break.

Adventures in Depression Pissed Off-Ed-Ness

Ah depressive angry insomnia, hello. It's been a long time. You're unwelcome, but since you're here...I'd like to take this midnight opportunity to rant, if I may. In the past couple of weeks I've NOT punched at least three people delivering the same flippant message under various guises: the perky cheerleader type, the concerned counselor type,… Continue reading Adventures in Depression Pissed Off-Ed-Ness

Perhaps I Require Priority Adjustment

Someone found my blog by searching for the following:im the creeper your the peeperI have bones. Let the picking begin.1) There's a goddamn apostrophe in "I'm"2) When did we stop capitalizing??3) Sigh. Punctuation. I just...yeah. Punctuation.4) Seriously, there's a meme on social media at least twice a day pointing out correct usage of your/you're.5) ewwwwww.… Continue reading Perhaps I Require Priority Adjustment

Dear Minnesota: Buh-Bye Then!

Juice boxes for adults. I'd like a case, please. So, man gets hit by drunk fuck assmonkey and nearly croaks. Man recovers, decides life's way too short to continue doing what he's been doing (just getting by) and wants to follow his passions. Man also sick as fuck about the frozen tundra's endless miserable winter. Man finds the only… Continue reading Dear Minnesota: Buh-Bye Then!

I’m Done SHOULDing All Over Myself

Screw resolutions.I've spent my entire life hearing "should" and some variation of "ought to (generally it's "otta").You should lose weight. You should eat better. You should write more. You should pay more attention. You should be sexier. You should be more professional. You shouldn't act so crazy. You should be more fun. You shouldn't hide.… Continue reading I’m Done SHOULDing All Over Myself

It’s Not You. And I’m Not Breaking Up. This is not a funny post. Feel free to ignore it.

I am a cyclical depression hermit. (Do not confuse that with a  Cycling hermit, because truly I loathe bikes, unicycles, pretty much all pedaling-type exercise with the fire of a thousand suns). Yesterday in a discussion with Husband about the depression I've been fighting off and on for a while now, he said something that… Continue reading It’s Not You. And I’m Not Breaking Up. This is not a funny post. Feel free to ignore it.

I am unamusing. You can skip this post.

I think I lost a close friend last week. Not in a sock drawer or to circus. Not to any nefarious creature or mob hit: just lost him. Stubbornness may have been involved. And temper. I'm sure you're shocked and astounded that my temper would successfully push someone away. I am decidedly not shocked. Nor… Continue reading I am unamusing. You can skip this post.

Well, I Suppose I Asked For It.

Someone found my blog today by searching for this: "how do I put a demon back to hell" I think I won, but I'm a little worried what the prize would be in this situation. So I'm going back to regularly scheduled silliness. Like THIS (for which I'm unable to find anyone to credit, so… Continue reading Well, I Suppose I Asked For It.