Perhaps I Require Priority Adjustment

Someone found my blog by searching for the following:

im the creeper your the peeper

I have bones. Let the picking begin.

1) There’s a goddamn apostrophe in “I’m”
2) When did we stop capitalizing??
3) Sigh. Punctuation. I just…yeah. Punctuation.
4) Seriously, there’s a meme on social media at least twice a day pointing out correct usage of your/you’re.
5) ewwwwww. Just…really? Eww.

I suppose it’s a sad state of affairs in my brainpan that I’m more offended by the shitty grammar than by someone finding my blog using that particular phrase. Maybe I’m too picky. Wait, this was someone looking for creeping peeping: nope, not picky enough.

As I’m neither a creeper nor a peeper (as far as I’m aware), I’m not sure what this person/alien/troglodyte was searching for, exactly. I’m guessing the results were somewhat disappointing, and I suppose that could be sufficient punishment.

In other news, I do have a couple of longer posts from/about Star Wars Celebration and such in progress, but honestly I’m mid-packing for a cross-country move next week and my computer is getting disassembled tomorrow. Luckily, my computer is not Number 5 (if you get that reference, congratulations you’re both old and nerdy…and you’re my kind of people). It’s likely I’ll be off the blog for a week or two.

Also, tomorrow we venture into the exciting world of doggie downers…because Thor is already crying at me nonstop as we pack and good GOD he may end up a rug if he does it all the way to Minnesota.

I may well be bald and raving mad by next weekend. Should be fun!

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