"Because Beelzabub touched my W-2. That’s why."

In the news today I found an article the perfectly describes why I have no patience for stupid.


As a non-Christian, I’m 100% certain I would not survive well in the deep south, even though I don’t generally advertise my beliefs nor do I dispute anyone else’s. But seriously? It’s your fucking computer-generated auto-numbered tax information, dumbass. While there’s probably an argument to be made that Satan is involved in taxes (particularly for IRS employees and tax accountants in the 1st quarter of every year), I’d think any entity with titles like “The Father of Lies” and “The Great Defiler” has more important things to do than fuck wtih YOUR W-2 forms.

I mean really, could you be any more concieted? Don’t you think the Devil is far too concerned with Reality TV stars to give a shit about your taxes?

Because I require a decent contrast, this is why dogs are better people than most people. Although my dog is still pissed at me for making him naked, so it’s possible he’d eat me amble away, possibly whistling all nonchalant-like.

And because it’s Friday (and really what’s better than a Klingon band and bellydancing Wookie…thanks YouTube!):


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