Back with Spam – Oh Gloria, Your Marketing Fails.

I mean...I guess it's convenient that I can have groceries or pizza delivered right along with someone named Leah?Honestly, Leah, even if I had the appropriate gear you're asking for, I have to say I'm not really the "any will do" type.Dear Yahoo mail and the Gloria Coopers of the world (I assume she's the… Continue reading Back with Spam – Oh Gloria, Your Marketing Fails.

A Series of Events, Mostly Fortunate

I was reminded recently via an unexpected and unusual channel that I've not blogged since Chewy's death, and since the reminder came with an "are you ok" query from an ex-boyfriend I had twenty years ago...I am still alive.This fall held a series of big changes and an overabundance of work...and I've been behind the… Continue reading A Series of Events, Mostly Fortunate

Random Crap and Totally Inappropriate Lyrics

Does anyone else feel like 2017 is an extended (terrible) episode of the Twilight Zone? And that's all I'm going to say about the Oompa Loompa in charge, because I think it's covered better by all the media (social and mainstream) out there.So, I haven't been here much since Thor died. I haven't honestly written… Continue reading Random Crap and Totally Inappropriate Lyrics

Not The Theme I Was Looking For This Week

This isn't a real post. It's not even a Star Wars post. Mostly because I'm still not really up to writing a lot yet. But I did have a WTF moment, so: Yesterday I found a news headline warning Canadians NOT to try to shove the moose licking their cars, because 1000lb moose can be...fussy...about being… Continue reading Not The Theme I Was Looking For This Week

Lo There Do I See My Beloved Thor

I love you, my dearest Furface. Thank you for giving me nearly 12 years of love, protection, companionship, and important lessons. You leave a crater behind, and we will miss you forever. May Valhalla be full of bunnies and cheeseburgers and snuggling and fetch, and may the gods watch over you. Don't nip Slepnir, honey -… Continue reading Lo There Do I See My Beloved Thor

An Argument for Flowers and Frivolity

So I'm not usually a flowers sort of girl. If I have a yen to have some in the house I'll often just buy some myself, and I tend to befriend (with or without a romantic relationship attached) practical, generally awesome men who insist they do not ever give flowers to anyone. OF COURSE I… Continue reading An Argument for Flowers and Frivolity

Dear Universe: Point to You.

So, this* showed up in my mail yesterday. I am, indeed, amazed. And not un-coincidentally, I laughed the sort of cathartic, belly-wrenching, tear-streaming, choking snort-laugh that only happens when ALL THE THINGS stifled inside are suddenly and shockingly jarred loose. Those of you who reached, offering kindness and chocolate and sandbar (or alcohol bar) support,… Continue reading Dear Universe: Point to You.