Myths and Monsters

Beware fAnguses Bearing Gifts

I had a quiz today. In ancient Greek. Here's how quizzes work while taking a virtual dead language class. They're all open book. I can use whatever materials I've created and the book. The quiz is 10 questions: 5 translation, 5 parsing (if you're unfamiliar, parsing is identifying all the characteristics of a noun or… Continue reading Beware fAnguses Bearing Gifts


Review: Knight in Paper Armor, by Nicholas Conley

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this novel from the author for review. I did not receive compensation; all opinions are my own. Ok. First, let me say it's come to my attention (via this book) that there's an annoying lack of dystopian-near-future novels out there from non-Christian perspectives. Hang onto that thought, because I'm… Continue reading Review: Knight in Paper Armor, by Nicholas Conley