The Desolate One: Ephelba and Mr. Bill’s Spawn

As it turns out, poor Samael the Starbucks Greeting Demon is unable to withstand the violent changes in Minnesota weather. Slowly but surely, he’s following in Mom’s (the Wicked Witch, of course) damp footsteps as we hover around 32 degrees today.

Clearly, the expression on his ever-shrinking face is that of his father, Mr. Bill.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about… Samael The Desolate One serves coffee at my Starbucks.

But not for long. I imagine he has that tiny evil voice similar to the Halloween demon in Buffy, right before she stomps his tiny ass.

Help Me! I’m melting…oh NOOOOOO.

5 thoughts on “The Desolate One: Ephelba and Mr. Bill’s Spawn

  1. \”Samael the Starbucks Greeting Demon\” – this should be a stuffed animal. Or a tiny desk figurine. It would sell like hotcakes. Partly because people in a Starbucks will buy anything.


  2. That's the label that gets me all the mistake traffic from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Hahahaha. It amuses me to think of someone searching for porn only to find THIS picture. On the other hand, it makes me too lewd for Google Ads.


  3. Maybe he could be \”Samael the Dawn Greeter\” and he could be associated with morning coffee in general. He sits next to the Keurig and guards the autobrew so only the chosen one (the person who actually set the coffee to brew) can gain access to the hot nectar of the beans.


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