You guys, my Spam adventures (not to be confused with SPAM) have expanded to Facebook messages!


I am very sorry for distracting your attention,I am Barrister Patrick Lawson,personal attorney to my Late Client Mr.A. REDACTED,a national of your country, Who died and left some huge amount of money  with a bank here in my Country Lome-Togo, valued at US$18.5 million dollars. I have contacted you to assist me get this money transferred into your bank account for our mutual benefit.Since you bear the same last name and also a national of your Country.

Kindly get back to me With the following information through my private email for more clarification. ( patricklawsonlegalchambers@hotmail.com )

Full name…………….
private number………
Your Fax Number……..
private email….

Faithfully Yours

Barrister Patrick Lawson
Phone. +228

You’ll note I left this super-spammer’s deets even though I took out stuff like my last name. I’m REALLY amused that the message didn’t even bother getting my full name from FB (JUST my last name).

Barrister Patrick Lawson, if you’re out there somewhere…I think not, dude. Really, is there ANYONE stupid enough to fall for this crap?

What happens if all of, say, Twitter emailed this dude and asked for his bank account info to transfer $18m to him? Would he be spammed out?

Could we all tell him we have cases of super tasty pork product SPAM to send to his home country if he wires us all $18m?

Disclaimer: Please do not send this dude Spam (of the edible or email/facebook variety). I shared to pass along because this stuff is ridiculous, and if you see something from the email address it’s fake-o-rama.

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