Random Bits: Xena, Lazy Eyed Lispy Dogs, Belly Dance. These items are unrelated.

I’m filling out paperwork for the spring bellydance sessions I teach in two community education districts, and I’m reminded of a post I did a couple of years ago about this exact topic. Original post here: http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com/2012/07/why-i-bellydance-this-is-not-funny-post.html

In other news, “Bring Xena Back” was one of the ways people found my blog on today’s stats. I’m furiously proud, and yet baffled (it’s been well over a year since I posted about my undying love for Xena and She-Ra…a fact that saddens me some, so look for a new Xena post soon).

There’s an internet rumor going around that Farscape will have a sequel. I approve.

We’re going to Cocoa Beach in a few weeks (flying with Han, who is now 18 months old or so, should be an adventure and a half all by itself). It IS possible to lose 100 lbs in two weeks, but I don’t fancy getting hit by a truck to do so. Therefore, I’m buying some fabulous fat girl shorts and giving no additional shits to my size while on vacation. That is all.

It’s below zero again in MN this morning, and all I can do is continue telling myself that next winter I’ll be in Houston, where anything close to freezing is a state disaster. I can’t wait.

And that concludes the random crap in my brain this morning. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Monday. If you need some silly…

Thank you, Facebook. 

7 thoughts on “Random Bits: Xena, Lazy Eyed Lispy Dogs, Belly Dance. These items are unrelated.

  1. Have fun in Florida! I am about the take belly dancing classes with a friend next month… so, as an instructor, how intimidating it is for new students? Do they hide? I'm a little nervous.You make me laugh, Jess. Don't be surprised if people now find your blog with the keyword \”fabulous fat girl shorts\”


  2. I certainly hope so! That's an awesome keyword phrase. If you're taking a beginner class keep in mind that 1) everybody's a beginner in there (even if they've been in the class before: I took beginner 3 times before I moved on to \”advanced beginner\”); 2) unless you're a Zumba expert, a lot of the movements will use muscles in weird ways that most people have never done before…so be patient with your bod and try not to get too frustrated if you can't do something right away; and 3) it's supposed to be FUN! 🙂 I always always remind my new ladies that this is dance, and dance is fun. So what if your body won't do a movement perfectly, or if you screw up the steps in choreography? If you feel good and have fun the class is a win. As a teacher I go out of my way to remind students repeatedly (and I watch faces to try to gauge when frustration is setting in) that everybody else is new, too…I don't usually end up with hiders. Then again, I'm a plus-sized teacher completely happy to be the example that anyone can bellydance, so there's not one reason to be embarrassed. 🙂


  3. The main way people stumble on my blog is by searching for something like \”how do hunger games tributes poop\” or \”did the tributes poop in the arena?\” I wrote a stupid blog post about pooping in the Hunger Games a few years ago and it has basically become my internet legacy. No matter how many funny, helpful, or insightful things I write, I will always be the Hunger Games Poop Lady.Also… FARSCAPE SEQUEL!?


  4. Rumor is…a Farscape TV movie with Aeryn and Crighton's kid, all grown up.Heehee…every body poops (just ask Captain Underpants!). I'm still amused that my highest traffic usually happens when I tag with \”these aren't the penises you're looking for.\” Because I TELL them it's not porn, but they look anyway. Mwahahahaha.


  5. That Ptheven dog has been the subject of my Facebook feed for a few weeks. I have another friend who's also a big fan of Arrow and Stephen Amell, so I made him a Ptheven Amell image. It's surprisingly easy to Microsoft Paint that dog into a green hood. 😉


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