My Husband: The Great Sith Hunter…and other random weird.

A few random weirds (yes, I’m using that as a noun) from the week. These are in no particular order, and to be honest the sandpaper rubbing my throat and the golf ball lymph nodes in my neck are distracting me from a real post. It’s time for more meds…and a nap.

Thanks to the fantastic odd people on social media, I found THIS, and I totally agree:

I maintain the middle alien looks rather jovial, and not angry at all. Then again, perhaps jovial due to his plans for world domination?

As unpacking continues, we’ve lost one of my favorite framed pictures (The Lady of Shalott) when the asshole dogs knocked it down and stepped on the glass, breaking it and the frame.

But Husband’s (only slightly creepy) equivalent of heads-on-pikes have been positioned on the mantle. Where they should be, I suppose.

Who would DARE break into the home of a Vader-Decapitator?
One of the strip malls in our area has a sign for a “nite” club. If you look closely, the sign DIRECTLY beneath the bar is for AA. Irony. I am amused.

So, we paid off some big bills this week: both car payments and the IRS. I didn’t really notice I’d used COMPLETELY appropriate Harry Potter stamps until after I’d addressed the envelopes, and then I giggled. A lot.

That would be Voldemort shooting Emperor-esque lightning bolts on the car payoff. I realized too late that it should’ve been on the IRS envelope. DAMMIT!

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