No, I Don’t Know Why Either.

I don’t have enough of one topic for a funny post tonight, but I have a bunch of weird episodes from the past few days I thought I’d share. 

  • Earlier this week, I found the following in my cube garbage can at work: 
But WHY is this even a question?

  • WHAT THE FUCK does any of that mean? Is the question whether there’s chicken in the breakroom or somewhere else (the CEO’s office, perhaps)? Is there more than one chicken? Are there yellow-bellied cowards hanging out with the coffee? I don’t know. I don’t know who left this in my trash, either.  
We’re just going to cover See No and Speak No Evil at the same time…because EFFICIENCY

  • Evil and her brother are currently in the wilds of Montana (or, in their Grandpa’s back yard in Helena). It’s apparently awful to get to Montana from Minnesota this year: Han horked on the descent  into Helena (if you’ve never been, Helena is in the center of a bowl in the middle of the mountains…this girl requires two Dramamine to get there without puking. I have sympathy for little dude.) after running himself into exhaustion at the Mpls airport due to an hours’ long delay, (which really affected his parents more than in any way slowing HIM down any). I suspect the picture above is Evil’s “good lord, I’m related to that guy!” face. It’s possible she’s just sleepy. 
  • My father has called every day for the past two weeks to ensure Husband and I have NOT opened the “Santa” presents delivered by the super secret UPS people. HA! As though I’m not fully capable of opening and re-taping the boxes? OBVIOUSLY HAN LEARNED IT FROM SOMEONE. 
  • I managed to coin “Elftra” on Twitter today. That’d be during a conversation about writing Elf porn, in which I wondered: 
    • 1) if Elves would have SPECTACULAR skills and flexibility (being all extra-balancy AND old enough to have tried everything at least once). 
    • 2) if we’re talking Santa’s elves, I’m willing to bet there’s a secret adult toy R&D room at the North Pole (probably with eleven elven strippers). 
    • 3) either way, Elves would have mastered Tantric sex, right? Therefore…Elftra: three millenia of development, possibly including dragon sex or elvish/dwarf matches. 
  • Of course, it was suggested by the awesome Karina Cooper that “Elftra” sounded suspiciously like the character in a She-Ra cartoon. 
  • If Marvel* were to create a male super hero who got his power from silky ladies underthings (you know, like Thor with his hammer only…softer), what would that power be? And who would have the balls to cross-dress in lingerie for said super powers? 

*I maintain it HAS to be a Marvel hero, because DC would never allow anything so risque as a man wearing a teddy and thigh-highs. Nipple-armor is ok (Batman, I’m looking at you!) but NEVER anything so tawdry as silky drawers.  

I sort of feel I should quit while I’m ahead here. Ahead of what, I really don’t know…but it’s likely better to stop talking when the babbling about ladies underwear begins. 

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