An Amateur Historian’s Linguistic Annoyance

I'm watching a documentary on the Etruscans. Yes I'm a nerd, this is established. I'm irritated with the historian/archaeology presenters.First, a thirty-second background on Etruscans because I usually assume I'm the only ancient history weirdo in the room. Please ignore the next two paragraphs if you're already all well-versed in Etruscan history, or medium-versed, or… Continue reading An Amateur Historian’s Linguistic Annoyance

The Time Feminism Forces Me to Defend a…Palin

So today my Facebook feed and news outlets have two rivaling headlines.¬†First and most importantly, SCOTUS has effectively shut down all those idiots terrified that Mark and Steve's marriage, or Jane and Sally's, will somehow threaten their own heterosexual homes. And to the national endorsement of equality for people who want to marry, I say… Continue reading The Time Feminism Forces Me to Defend a…Palin

Scully Explains Feminism in the BEST WAY.

I've been watching Netflix streamed crime shows lately, particularly ones from other countries. Oddly enough, it was in a serial killer show with Gillian Anderson (SCULLY!!) and Jaime Dornden (Once Upon a Time, 50 Shades) that has boiled down the best description of everyday sexism I've ever seen. Gillian Anderson, a special police investigator, is… Continue reading Scully Explains Feminism in the BEST WAY.

Entertaining Empathy For a Change

I have a funny post pending for tomorrow. Today is something else I need to discuss. Today I am not funny. I read a lot of online news and such (it's slow at work right now), and the past few days I've been pretty disgusted.¬† Do you know there was a fatal car crash in… Continue reading Entertaining Empathy For a Change

Townhome Twits: Episode Brothel. Yes, I saved this for last.

So I believe I told the Baba Yaga story about the old woman who sold her house for pennies a few years ago, yes?This ties to the brothel thing, I swear.Directly across from Baba Yaga's unit is a home that's flipped five or six times since we moved in. The last actual owner who lived… Continue reading Townhome Twits: Episode Brothel. Yes, I saved this for last.

Why Texas Matters, and Why I Support Wendy Davis (from MN)

I don't usually get all political-like on this blog. I do pay attention to politics, though, and I pay attention to the constant erosion of rights that's been happening in this country. It's pretty horrifying, really. And as a woman I've been following the Texas debates over the ridiculously restrictive abortion bill pretty closely, because… Continue reading Why Texas Matters, and Why I Support Wendy Davis (from MN)

I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.

My yahoo email address isn't particularly masculine, so I'm mildly amused and somewhat disturbed that I received the following emails in my Spam folder this morning: Sexy Brides! Hot Russian and Ukrainian Brides Looking For Love Because a husband isn't enough: I NEED the drama of another wife in the house. Sister wife I am… Continue reading I Am Not a Dude, Yahoo. Stop Offering Me Women.