No, no, you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s "whOOre"

So I live in the Land Spring Forgot. Let’s just get that out of the way: it’s April something-teen and we’re in the middle of yet another “shnit” storm (that would be Husband’s word for the rain/sleet/snow shit that’s currently coating the ground, and more importantly the roads, in a layer of slushy icy crap). This is not a weather-bitching post. Honestly, even a former Northern Minnesotan like me is fucking sick of the weather-bitching.

No, this post is due to a Facebook comment I read today. “Mother Nature is a whore.”

I could probably explain the reasons why I’m generally a very long-fused person when it comes to temper, but that’s a totally different (and darker) story. Can we just agree that usually I can take a lot of verbal (and otherwise) irritants before I lose my cool. Except for a few things which irritate the fuck out of me. Here’s the thing, my Facebook feed is FULL of pro-woman, anti-sexism, anti-slut-shaming posts lately. There’s one going around about a principal in a high school who threatened to call a senior’s college and tell them how bad her character is and maybe they should rethink her future there. Because she didn’t go to the abstinence-only assembly where the speaker said (per Huffington Post) “if you’re on birth control, your mother hates you.”

What I find silly is when the same people who support stopping the BLATANT sexism are so often those who participate in the more subtle, pervasive sexism in our culture.


Let’s review the meaning of “whore” shall we? Thank you, www.Dictionary.com for this:


[hawr, hohr or, often, hoor]   noun, verb, whored, whor·ing.


1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.
verb (used without object)

2. to act as a whore.
3. to consort with whores.
verb (used with object)

4. Obsolete . to make a whore of; corrupt; debauch.

So. One of the challenges of the English language is finding the right word to convey the emotional message to the reader. But this particular word is used SPECIFICALLY to express disgust in a woman’s behavior.  Not a man’s behavior. Only women, and only with the most demeaning intent. After all, you move further down the degradation ladder when you go from slut to whore, right?
Honestly, I’ve considered this topic before. I don’t find anyone, male or female, engaging in “promiscuous sexual intercourse” as less “moral” or any less “respectable” as me. I find that particular trait to be the MOST idiotic thing to judge in a person… WHY would I care if someone is promiscuous? It is not a sign of moral weakness, no matter what the patriarchal religious tenets teach. It can be a sign of self-loathing, but not always. And I’m not going to assume I know what’s going on in someone’s head. Maybe they just really like sex, for crying out loud.
I don’t care if anyone, male or female, chooses to have any sort of sexual contact for money unless they’re forced into it (in which case I’d gladly . And I don’t judge those who’ve done it because they had to (whether physically forced, emotionally forced, or financially desperate). Why would I? People do what they need to in order to survive, and not everyone’s life is as fucking rosy or happy as those portrayed in the media (social or otherwise).
This particular comment was a “damn it, fucking snow AGAIN” frustration. But you know, on days like today, when the weather is utterly unpredictable, the ONLY reason I survive is because I have neat things available like indoor heat and grocery stores. Mother Nature could easily rip my head off, in every sense of the word.

If, as a society, we have no respect for even the natural/supernatural forces that we identify as female, are we not including sexism and contempt for the female at our most base and subconscious level? I suppose it’s the Pagan-ness in me that gets irked at derogatory terms lobbed around, even though Mother Nature likely doesn’t give a hoot what any of us think.

Plus, honestly, as a Pagan I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t call any force in the world capable of burying me in any sort of natural disaster a derogatory term.


Ok so most of this post was a feminist rant. It’s true. If you’re going to ignore all the other things I said, at least pronounce the word the fun way. I mean really, using a ridiculous word deserves a ridiculous pronunciation, and for that I refer you to Captains William F. Call and Augustus McRae in Lonesome Dove… who say “whoore” (with the “oo” in the middle) as fact and in appreciation.

If whoore doesn’t do it for you, try “Harlot” or “strumpet.” Expand your insult ability: both are much more colorful words if you’re going to go all Biblically judgmental on any female’s sexual proclivities just because you’re not happy with her behavior.

To contrast, the best weather-bitching I’ve seen all week was “everyone likes to sleep in once in a while. But I think it’s time to get Mother Nature an alarm clock.”

Seriously, Lady…it’s cold here and I’m really tired of ice. I know you forgot about Minnesota, but could you send Spring now?

One thought on “No, no, you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s "whOOre"

  1. I'm not a feminist (at least not in the common way people use that word today), but I'm totally on board with people should be respectful/equal/fair to each other regardless of race/gender/religion or whatever.But it TOTALLY annoys me when ardent feminists (and other women) undermine their cause by \”taking back\” words like \”bitch\” or \”whore\”. I know tons of women who would grab up the pitchforks if a man called them these names, but they themselves toss the words around like they are meaningless. I COMPLETELY agree with you on this point.


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