Dear Anyone: IS THIS A SNAKE DEN??

I assure you, there’s a hole there (rained last night). It’s the size of a doughnut hole…2″ across or so.
Seriously, what the hell made this hole in my front garden?? Giant wasps? Ground gopher (that’s what Husband says it is, by the way)? 
Giant Snakepider? 
Teeny-tiny Hellmouth (in which case I expect Buffy to come save me immediately)??
What if it’s something that attacks? Damn my front walk! First wasps the size of my flip-you-off-finger, now a CREATURE digging a snug Shelob cave next to the door. 

2 thoughts on “Dear Anyone: IS THIS A SNAKE DEN??

  1. I spent an entire SUMMER running like hell from my front porch to the barn (concrete floor to concrete floor, because it's the ONLY THING that keeps the Tremors worms out!) after seeing that movie. I can honestly say I don't know which would be worse: one of those, or Shelob.


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