"Duran Duran DOES NOT Sing The Song Of My People" (This post is Not Safe For Anyone*)

I seriously considered leaving this entire post blank**, because in this case the title really does say it all. Honestly, I laughed so hard at that one (which was dropped during what I thought was a totally normal conversation) I wheezed and cried a little.

Also? Since I generally anonymize my friends/family on this blog unless they say otherwise, you, sir, MIGHT need to be Duran Duran (DD?) here until I come up with something worse. If there is anything worse.

Then I remembered other ridiculous things said/heard lately, and realized it’s been a while since I put into the interwebverse the oddities I get myself into.***

1) A friend (not DD…I’ll need a code for him) sent me a picture of a statue of Jesus with the following caption: “Medusa 1, Jesus 0” I approve.

2) An ongoing discussion with DD about whether Aliens might’ve turned out differently had Newt been a teenage boy with a BDSM fetish. The logistics alone of breaking an alien to a collar is astounding, really, particularly since the only defense (as per the AVP movies) against corrosive alien blood is alien skin.

Yeah. THINK ABOUT THAT for a while. Facehugger condoms. A scarred up young man meeting the Marines and Ripley with a couple aliens on leashes.

Recently in one of my news feeds about writing I found a couple of magazines looking for horror/monster porn…seems apropos. (No, I’m not writing it. The discussion is enough).

And finally, 3)  While in a discussion with fellow degenerates (no codes yet: I’m working on it) about dietary choices that quickly devolved into something far worse, the question came up whether vegans are allowed to swallow during oral sex, or if that’s a violation of the code.

Stop chortling, asshole, it’s a real question!

I am extremely lucky to have a lovely lady in Oly (guess what YOUR new code name is?) who did NOT call me an asshole for asking and to my eternal gratitude and delight answered, “No, it’s totally ok since people are consenting adults. But I bet some use that as an excuse not to.”

I relayed the message, and immediately we three degenerates wondered about the sort of people who WOULD use veganism as an excuse to cop out of oral sex. And we came up with an alternative for those people to use instead: SPOY.

Vegan Soy Untextured Gluten Free Ejaculate Substitute

Comes in a tube…

*I am not sorry for anything in this post. Except maybe facehugger condoms.

**Yes, the labels I assigned are totally on purpose. Maybe I should be a little sorry for the people who search anything like alien porn and get this post.


***No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me or my friends, but no one can say I don’t have interesting conversations with people, and that’s something.

PS: Google’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize the word “veganism” as real. For once, I can’t help but agree. Also dear Google, I suppose THIS post lives up to your assumption that I am way too rude for you.

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