Eyesockets and Pee-Batteries (alternatively titled: WTF Headlines)

Today’s most fabulous headlines from various news sources:

Scientists Have Created A Fuel Cell That Runs On Pee – I suppose I should be glad it doesn’t run on farts. Does it have to be human pee? 

Yes, You Can Rent Out Your Eye Socket For Money – Well…hmm. Amusingly, this headline was immediately beneath the pee-cell article. I really can’t think of a number high enough to rent out my eye socket for pee. More importantly, if you’re renting out the eye socket space WHERE DOES THE CURRENT OCCUPANT GO? Since it’s a socket, would item requiring the space plug in? Are we headed toward a line of people with removable eyeballs sitting at a charging bar in the airport before their plane takes off, plugging a cord into their faces? What if you unplug and put the WRONG EYE back in? “Oh, I’m so sorry, I grabbed your eye by mistake!”

Can’t you just SEE the possible romantic-comedy-esque engagement stories that start “well, we met when I accidentally plugged her eye in my socket…”

Oh yeah people, I TOTALLY WENT THERE. You’re welcome. For the images AND the pun.

Secret Lives Of Monkey Midwives – Dear Animal Planet: I have a proposition for a new reality show…

Billions of Cicadas Will Soon Rise From The Earth, Have Sex, And Die – Isn’t that all any of us do, just on a longer time scale? Watch out for Cicada Killers – they’ll totally ruin the plan for either bugs OR people’s sex lives. If they ruin people’s sex life with bugs, I don’t want to know anything about it, and it’s time now to imagine less horrifying images. Like rentable eye sockets.

EMA #GreenMySchool Program Is Starting Something Big – So…the headline author doesn’t know what “EMA” means in either inappropriate slang OR text language. Obviously, my friends are of the unsavory variety who do NOT mean “email” with EMA. Maybe that just means the author has a less-guttery mind than me…I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for him or be really impressed.

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