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Packing my Office, and Other Random Weird

I’m working on packing in between breaks for silly things like work and seeing people and sleeping. I hate packing. I hate moving. Sigh. But I’m excited for the result, even though I’m sad I’ll no longer see the neighbor’s new black lab puppy growing up and awkwardly following his older packmate around their yard from my office window. He’s six months old now, and braver, sniffing ALL THE THINGS in their yard as he follows along, tripping over feet that are way too big on legs that grew all gangly in the last couple months. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve been able to watch this winter, and the view is directly from my desk.

Um, sorry neighbors, for looking in your back yard every time the dogs are out? I promise it’s ONLY the yard I can see.

Anyway. today I finished packing all the stuff from my office walls and most of the shelves in here, and it occurred that I have a smattering of unrelated and amusingly random pics to share from the last few days. These are in no particular order:

I love her.

One of the many effective ways in which SK wooed me is this fabulous Medusa. I collect Medusas in all sorts of formats (particularly statuary), but this may be my favorite piece so far. If it looks like she’s been ripped out of a magazine, she was. SK’s father passed a couple years ago, and slowly the family has been going through his things and cleaning out the basement for their mom. In one load, he found his dad’s collection of old Sports Illustrateds, and took the time to flip through them. This excellent ad was inside the back cover, and he immediately thought of me. She’s been hanging on my office wall ever since, because she makes me SO DAMN HAPPY. Every time I’m having a bad moment, I look at “Why Everyone NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED. RIGHT. NOW.” and I giggle. One of the many reasons I said yes, really.

Ragnar vs Pig. Pig wins.

My awesome houseguests/roommates/petwatchers extraordinaire gave the dogs this silly plastic pig chew toy.** It squeak-oinks when you chew it. Wait. It squeak-oinks when the DOGS chew it (I do not chew the chew toys, just sayin). For some reason, it terrifies both dogs to the point they will not go in a room when the pig is in there. And thus in the neverending battle of toys vs dogs, this time the pig wins. Occasionally it can be found sitting on top of the garbage can to keep Minerva out of it.

As of today, Ragnar has not eaten this pig, despite his enthusiastic love of bacon.

**EDIT: my super awesome soon-to-be-bonus-kid got the dogs the silly plastic pig chew toy. My awesome houseguests discovered the dogs were terrified of said pig. And the fool who wrote this blog post clearly has memory issues and may need to apologize…

Reasons e-books will never be the same as a library, for me.

I’m not sure where this will go in the new house. But I’m seriously considering putting it above some sort of table/cubby that will hold all the kids’ random electronics (dear SK, have I mentioned that idea yet, of a storage space for kid electronics, maybe even with check-out/check-in options?), as a reminder that a book will always outlast a laptop.

I don’t have champagne flutes. I have Waterford crystal wine glasses, and you’re damn right that’s what I used for champagne and Taco Bell. Because I’m FANCY.

This bottle is over 8 years old. It’s been to Texas and back, through four house moves, saved after cancer, and still not opened for engagement. So last night I had champagne and chocolate cake for no good reason, just because it was a Tuesday. With tacos from Taco Bell, and lovely company. And it was wonderful. Worth noting that a near-decade old bottle of Totts was yummy…almost hard-cidery. I need some more…this packing thing is way more fun with drinks. And tacos.

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