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Twin Missives

I moved fully in with the horde a week ago, with Ragnar, Minerva, and fAngus. We now have five couches. FIVE. COUCHES. WHYYYYY.

We are all adjusting, and things are good. So now I live with the twins, who both have fun things to share today. I anticipate more of these, especially since Stone (yes, I still use pseudonyms for all four of them) wrote their own post for my blog.

Butterfle: I had a dream that I had to read some books but instead of reading you learned the books by eating popsicles, and each flavor had to be eaten in order to read the book. And I was behind, so Mom made me eat them all at once and then I got brain freeze.

OH MY GOD I want to read books by eating ice cream or popsicles. I mean, reading and eating are both ingestion, right?


Hello! My name is Stone and I’m Jess’s soon to be step-child. I’m super excited for her to move in fully. (I get the pets are moving, but furniture wise). Anyway I have a bunch of hilarious stories about the chaos that always happens whenever we are in the same place and tonight was no exception. 

Picture this: Jess is sitting next to me and across from my older brother (Dr. X). My father is next to him. For some reason we were talking about dating. Dr. X was talking about how one day I might have a boyfriend so I asked him “What makes you think I’ll have a boyfriend,”. Dr. X corrected himself and then made the mistake of saying “Tomato, TomAto, Potato, Patatoe,” That gave me an idea. A diabolical idea, while Dad was talking about taxes or something. “Dating Potatoes. The hit new Hobbit dating show.” I announced. Dr. X and Jess cracked up while Dad facepalmed at my stupidness. 

The End

I hope you enjoyed this *insert adjective word here* story. I hope you can convince Jess to invite me back to write on this blog. 

Signing off,


FYI: no convincing needed. This will not be the last guest post by Stone, as they make me laugh and I love their interest in blogging.

One thought on “Twin Missives

  1. Teaching the younger generation to blog is a great thing. Too few do it anymore. They are usually too busy on Instagram, TikTok, and Snap to put words to pseudo paper.


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