Ragnar the Destroyer*

*primarily of walls, yards, and carpetFor all things there is a season. A time to sow, a time to reap...A time to attempt to rip small furry rodents into small pieces, pick fights with the neighbor's German Shepherd, and a time to howl.Welcome to teenage doghood, where it's not the hormones that cause a pet… Continue reading Ragnar the Destroyer*

More Things Ragnar Ate and Drunk Walrus Impersonations. These Are Unrelated.

Once in a while, I re-up a subscription to one of those monthly boxes of random fun stuff, just because who doesn't like getting a box of something NOT bills in the mail? This month, it was a witchybox full of various pagan bits and pieces (um, let's be clear I mean bits and pieces of… Continue reading More Things Ragnar Ate and Drunk Walrus Impersonations. These Are Unrelated.

Things Ragnar Ate Episode 4: The Reeking

I hate cicada season. HATES it, Precious.Ragnar doesn't give a hoot (or a bark, or a howl, or some weird middle-of-the-night snuffle-grunt that scares the shit out of his owner) about cicadas. Ragnar cares deeply about the innards of stuffed animals. And shoes. And walls. So, lately in the list of Things Ragnar Ate: Another pair of flip… Continue reading Things Ragnar Ate Episode 4: The Reeking

Living Up to Viking Stereotypes

This is obviously my fault. I'm the idiot who chose a Viking legend as the appropriate name for my puppy. Yes, I know there has been WAY more important world events lately, but I'm not a news source, and I'm tired of death, so this post is focused on destruction instead.Things Ragnar Ate: The heel of… Continue reading Living Up to Viking Stereotypes

And Then I Dropped a Chemical Weapon On Myself

Things Ragnar Ate:The corner of a foam Yoga brickWell, that's an unsubtle reminder. A stolen treat still in the wrapper Dog treats are gross. This one was rabbit sausage (presumably that would be a sausage-shaped treat comprised of rabbit bits, not rabbit penis, since it didn't say "pizzle" on the packaging. The rubber coating from a 2 lb… Continue reading And Then I Dropped a Chemical Weapon On Myself

Welcome to Things Ragnar Ate

I'm starting a new label today for the 3.5 month old Shepherd/Bloodhound puppy currently wreaking havoc in my household.ThingsRagnarAte.This will go along with the upcoming tales of Angus the Cat's interactions with me (the Evil Overlord keeping him cat-ptive), labeled EvilOverlordIsn'tDeadYet.So, in the last few weeks, Ragnar ate:Seven socks, previously wornMore underwear than I care… Continue reading Welcome to Things Ragnar Ate