I Heart Internet News

Blame Jay Leno for my never ending amusement at awfulsome headlines. 

Religious People Say They Don’t Watch Porn. Internet Data Says Otherwise. Um, I feel like “duh”should be somewhere in this headline. Maybe even “fucking duh?”. 

Catholic Bishop’s Advice For Divorced, Remarried Catholics: Stop Having Sex. Clearly, he thinks they should just watch more porn. In true creepy fashion, said Bishop actually suggests remarried divorcees should live like ‘brother and sister’.  I think he reads too much VC Andrews and needs to be sent back to Seminary.  
Here’s how long you can look someone in the eye without creeping them out. OOH! A new skill to learn for commuting and long, uncomfortable meetings. 
How can people with narcolepsy drive safely? Um…
Stop judging ugly fruits and vegetables. You’re hurting their feelings, you insensitive jerkfaces. Right before you slice them into tasty tasty salad toppings. 
Just a reminder that alligators show up in trees. What the fuck. Now they can climb goddamned trees, so in Florida you not only have to worry about SNAKES dropping out of a tree on your head (oh yeah, it happens people), but fucking ALLIGATORS can ambush you from above? Who allowed this shit? Darwin, I’m looking at you. 
Live out your dreams of frolicking with farm animals through virtual reality.  Seems like a legit alternative to Pokemon. Or internet porn? Remember the post about billy goats? Yeah. I’m stopping now. 
Starbucks is giving all US workers a raise. And, by the way, raising drink prices by 30 cents. Once, long long ago, I convinced my ex to quit smoking by saying “do you REALLY want to spend $10 a day on cigarettes?” I suppose I’m going to have to break the iced mocha addiction soon for the same reason. 

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