SyFy’s Next Sharknado: CARNICORN!

Because who the fuck wouldn’t watch a bad Saturday night movie with a flesh-eating-attack-unicorn?? People, it’s goddamned genius: the ultimate symbol of innocence and purity ravaging a city with impalement carnagey death.  Somebody who’s not me and can actually write scripts: get on that shit.

I wonder if the Snakipeder Army could defend against Carnicorn…hmm.

Also, the fundamental difference in my dogs’ personalities are most evident during the early morning’s first pee rituals. This is a daily occurrence and does not deviate by season, time of morning, weather, or my location (sometimes if it’s cold or rainy or I’m lazy I just stand in the doorway and put them on the extendo-leash instead of going outside. Stop judging me.)

Thor: sidle quietly up to my right side from behind me (so I have to turn away from the door to put the leash on) and nimbly trot out the door. Sniff all the things in the entire radius of the leash’s available square footage. Pull the leash-holder as hard as possible to eke out an additional foot or two to the sniff radius. Eat poop if available and tasty (this depends on which dog’s turn it is to be first to pee in the morning, as fairness requires taking turns). Make seven back-and-forth passes in a line to find the ideal pee spot. Pee while watching everything in the area as a silent but alert awkward statue. Take final sniffs of the air in all four directions, just in case. Watch silently if a car/person walks by. Bark only if another dog is within line-of-sight. Return to the house for breakfast. Wait patiently for Chewy to finish fucking around so the bowls are filled. Eat breakfast while growling and keeping one eye on Chewy for any theft attempts. Retreat to the couch. Nap.

Chewy: lie in front of the sliding door like a large fluffy rug, wait for the leash to be attached. Fall through the open space in a clumsy trip down the step to the patio. WA-WOO loudly upon exiting the home, to formally announce the presence of THE MAN in the yard. Proceed with tail up in flag-formation to all areas of the leash radius and WA-WOO in all directions, including toward the house. Watch a leaf blow by: wa-woo at it. Pee. Wrap self around the fire-pit in the yard and look confusedly at the back door for help from leash-holder. Unwrap self from fire-pit. WA-WOO toward the neighbors’ yard to announce FREEDOM. Squat and poop. Take a 1/2 step forward. Poop again. Another step: poop. Leave a line of turds as a potential trail back to the house. Check for squirrels/rabbits/shrews/ravens in all trees/bushes/under the step on the patio. WA-WOO at any creature disturbed by investigation. Should any person, truck, dog, or debris pass line of sight, dance in place, growl and bark as ferociously as possible while stepping in the fresh poop pile you just left behind for Thor to eat. WA-WOO repeatedly while cantering back to the patio and pushing leash-holder aside to barrel into the living room. Chase Thor in the room before the leash is unsnapped. Wreak havoc. Eat breakfast. Return to the window and WA-WOO at any changes in the yard since coming in. Nap.

3 thoughts on “SyFy’s Next Sharknado: CARNICORN!

  1. Gizmo is a walking pooper as well. Meena just likes to take forever smelling stuff, and when there is snow on the ground she absolutely loves jumping around in it like a rabbit.


  2. Oh yes, when there's snow on the ground Thor will do his tripod dance as part of the ritual, then dig his nose into the snow while he runs around. Chewy just lies down and enjoys the freezing cold: he's definitely a cold-weather-boy.


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